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10 Pointless Pet Peeves

  1. I hate when I just get done taking a shower, only to get covered in towel lint when I dry myself off. Nope, the purpose of the shower wasn’t to get clean at all, it’s just a time waster. T_T
  2. I set down my headphones for just a moment, and when I pick them back up, it’s all tangled.
  3. Some bastard spider came along in the night and bit me like eight times on my left pinky knuckle. What did I ever do to you, spider?
  5. I’m not one to correct spelling or grammar on the internet, but when you spell “animatronic” like “animal tronic,” there’s kind of a problem.
  6. Try to get one thing out of the freezer………… it all falls out.
  7. There’s that moment when you feel you need to exercise, but it’s NINETY-EIGHT DEGREES IN LATE SEPTEMBER!!
  8. Can’t find your cell phone? Well, that’s because you obviously weren’t thinking, and you stuck it in the fridge with the bag of Taco Bell you just brought home.
  9. Anti-Bronies hate Bronies and Bronies hate anyone who is not a Brony and Anti-Bronies hate anyone who is not a Brony but likes the show enough to be a casual fan. BECAUSE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!!
  10. People still say Pluto is a planet because “that’s how they learned it.” Well, I learned that being gay was wrong, look how that turned out.