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Introduction for Humans and Human-like Beings…

Let’s make this quick, because I have to go to work in twenty minutes. If you wanna know a little synopsis about me, read the “About Me” segment. It explains why I’m here, and a little bit about me. Not everything, though. I’ll get more into the stuff when I have the time to go on a writing rampage. Now, if you expected some intelligent banter about what’s on the news or what not, think again. Here, I will express opinions about issues I feel I need to express, random topics, and maybe social issues, and YOU can decide whether you think they’re intelligent or not… don’t tell me that however. I am merely here to speak through text, and if you don’t like it… well, I can’t stop you from insulting me, but I hope people here are a little more mature than on Myspace or Youtube. I will also show pictures and videos on this site, and I will provide links to my Deviant Art and Youtube pages, if you are interested in seeing my progression from age fourteen to present. (Let the record show I am twenty years old right now.) Note that in the text area called “Wanna Read This?” will be filled with riddles, quotes, random thoughts, et cetera. It will be your choice whether or not to answer or respond to them. Prepare yourselves to jump into my life, as I hold no restraint in telling people what’s going on inside my world. It is your choice on what you should do with this insignificant knowledge… who knows, maybe it WILL be significant to you somehow.