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I was contemplating human existence a few days ago, and realized something: we’re it. We are the end of the evolutionary line. We are the last species on this planet, and we’ll never evolve into anything more, even if the Earth manages to live for another billion years or so. Nope. We are literally the end.

Think about it. Really think. Humans are the only creatures on Earth that defy nature, that go against instinct, and serve no purpose to other creatures or the planet itself, except to destroy it. We are also the only species on this planet that exude evil. One of my favorite quotes from the Hannibal TV series is, “Human emotions are a gift from our animal ancestors. Cruelty is a gift humanity has given itself.” As humans, we are born evil. Some of us will learn to suppress most of that evil, but it will always be there. We have evolved into the end of the world. How did it happen? How did we gain the ability to be cruel to everyone and everything?

We’ve already proven that nothing will come after us unless we literally create it. You see it every new generation, you see it with every child that is born. There are too many people on this planet, yet we keep reproducing. Why? What’s the point? We don’t need more of us! The whole reason animals reproduce is to continue the species. It’s a survival thing. Well, it doesn’t look like we’re going to go extinct any time soon, not before the planet becomes uninhabitable.

And look at the people who are reproducing; parents that think they’re ready, but aren’t, teenagers and young adults that get pregnant by accident, women who get pregnant by rape, drug addicts that can’t stop fucking each other, and people who refuse to get abortions because of their religion or whatever. Then look at their kids. Oh… their kids… seriously, just look at the children in this generation. Now look at them from the previous generation, and the one before that, and the one before that. Notice how each new generation is getting…………… worse? Uh, yeah… and no one has thought to stop it why?

“Children are our future.” Children grow up and have children of their own… humans are the end… what does this mean? It means that the only reason nature has allowed us to exist is to destroy this planet. Is this all part of god’s plan? I already thought, “if god exists, he’s one messed up mother fucker.” Heh, another quote from Hannibal: “Killing must feel good to God, too. He does it all the time, and are we not created in his image?” If god exists, his whole plan was to build up this project called “Earth,” and then create something that would kill it all. Why? Just for the lulz! God is just one big troll!

I know I won’t get the chance to see the end of humanity, but the fact that we’re already looking for another planet to move to is concerning. I hope we never make it to another planet. Do you know what will happen? We’ll end up destroying that one too… and the next one… and the next one… if humans continue to exist, our race will be the destroyer of worlds. We are a threat to the universe. Why is it that the geniuses of our time are trying to find ways to prolong our existence instead of trying to stop it? We have no problem stopping other species from existing. But even if we do move on to more planets, we’re not going to evolve any further. We are stuck in evolutionary limbo, and the only direction we can go is backward. WE ARE THE END.

There are people who will agree with me, but there are also those who think I’m very wrong. Only time will tell, won’t it? If I’m wrong, I won’t be around to see it, but if I’m right, I won’t be around to tell future humans, “I told you so.” And if there are people reading this thinking I’m just being a Negative Nancy, I just have one thing to say to you…

Don’t blame the player, blame the game, son. Open your eyes.


Deep Web Urban Legend: Human Experiments

The “Deep Web” is more of a term to describe websites that can’t be accessed through your typical browser. The corner of the Deep Web that holds the crazy shit is known as the Darknet, but for the sake of people not knowing the difference, I will refer to it as the Deep Web.

I actually learned about the “Human Experiments” website that supposedly exists on the Deep Web the same time I learned about Sad Satan. (You can find that blog entry here:https://reitannaseishin.wordpress.com/2015/08/09/sad-satan/) I’ve actually been hearing a lot of stories concerning the Deep Web that just seem so… farfetched. Don’t get me wrong, the Deep Web is a dangerous place to be, and you need to be careful, but it’s actually not quite as bad as people say. When I heard about Human Experiments, I thought to myself, “well, wait… that seems pretty unrealistic.” Once again, I decided to dig deeper.

For the first time in ages, I started up Tor and looked around. There were some changes! For one, both Torbook and Galaxy had been shut down, so now the two main social networking sites are Blackbook and Galaxy2. I also found something that very much surprised me! A small, simple website dedicated to freeing Tor of CP! Granted, I know the creators have good intentions, but in reality, their movement is not going to keep Cheese Pizza off of the Deep Web. All the same, I’m in full support of it, and more power to them for trying!


Before I get into my journey, I have to clear something up. Human trafficking is a real thing, and it does occur on the Deep Web. There is plenty of evidence of sales of human body parts on the Black Market, websites dedicated to cannibalism, and plenty of other sites involving murder and torture. Red Rooms exist, no doubt about that, though I think you need to pay to enter one, and as far as I know, it’s illegal to view their content. And you know what? Snuff films exist, my friends, so there is no end to the atrocities the Deep Web has to offer. However, I am going to explain to you why it is not only possible, but probable that the Human Experiments website was not what the stories claim it to be.

The Hidden Wiki is pretty good at listing active websites and telling you exactly what you’ll find on them. It also shows which sites were taken down, but sometimes it’s not as consistent as we’d like it to be. Going through the entire list of sites, there is not a single link to Human Experiments, and it’s not even listed as one of the sites that were taken down. I actually searched quite a few link directories before I finally found it. The wiki took me to a site called TorLinks, and under the “media” section, there is a link to “The Human Experiment.” When clicked on, it simply says there was an error connecting to the site, which is typical for sites that are taken down.

Here’s my question: Why would a site dedicated to torturing and killing people of all ages and genders be so easily accessible? Sure, it took some time to track down, but it’s still on one of the main link sites listed on the Hidden Wiki. It’s not actually that hard to find! Also, usually when sites are taken down, they pop back up again rather quickly, so where is the new Human Experiments site? And last thing, if Red Rooms are so hard to find and require payment to enter, why was Human Experiments so casual?

First, note that, just like on the Surface Web (AKA the Clearnet), there are honest sites. I found a site dedicated to helping people deal with depression and getting help to fight suicide. I even found an anonymous “confessions” site where you “confess your sins” without even having to make a screen name. However, just like on the Surface, there are also troll sites. I came across a site called “Gorey Site.” Thinking that maybe “Gorey” was accidentally spelled wrong, I clicked it, and was brought to this page:


Well cool, okay… BestGore has a warning on the front page too, and a nice cute picture of a puppy to click if you want to leave. So I clicked “ENTER SITE” and was brought to this page:


Yup, that’s it. There are no other pages aside from this one. This is Gorey, my friends, and apparently it’s in Ireland! I distinctly remember saying out loud, “oh, that’s messed up” because I seriously thought it was going to be a real gore site. Nope, I got trolled. To be fair, the town looks very pretty.

Next, let’s discuss what we know about Human Experiments. The only thing we have that “proves” its existence is a few screen shots. I think there are four in total, but I could only find three. I will post them here, but note that the text may contain disturbing subject matter to some. There are no actual pictures of people being tortured, so don’t worry about that. Here they are:

print 3 print 2 humanexperiment3

I’m pretty sure the page I’m missing is the “about us” page (as far as I know, warehouse two and four do not exist), but here’s what it says…

“In this website, we attempt to illustrate several experiments that are being conducted by our group on human subjects. The people chosen for this range of experiments are usually homeless people that are unregistered citizens. Experimentations range from:

· starvation and water/fluid restriction

· vivisection/pain tolerances

· infectious diseases and organ effects

· transfusions

· drug trials

· sterilization

· Neonate and infant tolerances to x-rays, heat, and pressure.

Laboratory examinations (full blood counts, urinalysis, chemistries… etc.) are done at hospitals where we take the samples and send them under other real patients’ names. The results are carefully dispersed so as not to arouse suspicion. The bodies of the dead are dissected and then disposed of in dumpsters of meat shops where their bodies will not be found. No IRB approval was sought for this secret range of experimentations. The high command oversees all operations and designates potential targets. The names of the test subjects will be kept confidential. Only their serial numbers will be displayed.”

It is also stated that their team consists of three nurses, six medical students, two medical interns, and three medical residents. Not only that, but they refer to themselves as “the high command.” Hmm… sounds like something you’d hear in a Shitpasta written by an angsty thirteen year old. Laboratory examinations are done at real hospitals under real patients’ names? No. No they are not. There is absolutely no way that wouldn’t arouse suspicion. To make it even more convincing, there are four warehouses where the victims are kept, and they are completely unguarded! Talk about professional!

As a horror writer, the main reason I search for gore and violence is for research. I need to know how to torture and kill my characters’ victims as realistically as possible, even if it’s fiction. The other parts of my research are to study the psychology of different types of killers, find out how they eluded capture for as long as they did, and also find out how they finally got caught. I need to study cases from both the view of the killer and the legal system, otherwise your fictional character seems about as realistic as Jeff the Killer.

Let me tell you this; disposing human bodies in restaurant meat dumpsters will not go unnoticed, and in fact, is probably one of the most reckless things a killer can do if they don’t want to get caught. Do you really think human remains are just going to be ignored, dissected or not? Especially if you’re disposing of as many humans as you claim to be? Not only that, but you have at least twenty people in each warehouse. That’s eighty people right there, but the site claims to hold more if they need to. They claim that these experiments are done if the team has “spare time.” If?

So let me get this straight. You have medical professionals and medical students experimenting on at least eighty people stretched across four different warehouses. Hang on, stay with me here. I know that people in the medical field are quite busy building their careers, so I understand that school and work might leave one with little to no “spare time.” So… these eighty-some people are locked up in four abandoned warehouses located god knows where, and they are completely unguarded? No. Just no. Will someone get all of these little teenagers off of the Deep Web please? Parents, do your job!

Because of my thirst for knowledge, I am rather good at doing research. According to the screenshots, I have found some very interesting things! One, the only pages you could go to were “home,” “experiments,” and “about us.” The “experiments” page brought you to the same place clicking on the warehouses would, and that’s just a simple description of the experiments taking place. When I say “simple,” I mean written by someone who has very little knowledge of the subject matter they are writing about. There are no pictures or videos on the site. In fact, further research led me to discover that the entire site was created using a web designer template! Human Experiments was nothing more than text thrown on to a few blank layouts!

But don’t assume I only did research on the Clearnet, oh no, I dug as deep as I could legally go, and there is absolutely no record of anyone visiting this site and finding actual footage of torture and murder. All of those stories you read on reddit or the Creepypasta wiki are just that; stories. None of them are true. Besides, looking at the screenshots of the site, it’s obvious that medical professionals, highly educated and intelligent people, did not write any of it. I’m sure even a nurse would know better than to put a comma in the sentence, “we go, where few dare.” Not to mention other grammatical mistakes, as well as using the British nontechnical spelling of “foetus” instead of “fetus.” The word “foetus” is rarely ever used, and I have a feeling the one writer of the site’s content only used it to look professional, when in reality, it just made him/her look like a jackass.

So, did the Human Experiments site exist? Yes, but it was nothing more than a couple of pages spewing fictional nonsense to scare people. It was just a troll site, an attempt to create an origin for Creepypastas. And you know what? It worked! People seriously think this site was what the stories say, but it wasn’t! So why did it get taken down? Well, it’s no secret that the FBI is trying to regulate the Deep Web (though they are failing), so the stories surfacing on the Clearnet would attract attention to the site. It was so easily accessible, it wouldn’t take long for feds to track it down, do an investigation, and shut down the site. But would some badly written descriptions of experiments done on human beings really warrant for a full fledged investigation? Most likely not. The police deal with internet hoaxes all the time. Chances are, this site was shut down simply to put the stories to rest, but I don’t think the FBI realizes how stupid most of the people on the internet are. The smart ones would know better than to dump their victims’ bodies in a dumpster.

Human Experiments could’ve been way more convincing. You can find tons of pictures on an image search on like Google or Bing and find plenty of pictures of human experimentation. Dig deep enough, and I’m sure you’ll find some videos too! There’s plenty of footage of mental hospital lobotomies performed in early days, so I’m sure there are other experiments too. Or if anything, you could’ve faked the experiments yourself. What really gave it away was the bad writing, the completely unrealistic explanations of how the team worked, and lack of site navigation. I’m sure there’s a Red Room somewhere doing exactly what this site claimed they were doing, but I guarantee it’s harder to get to than just a few clicks.

This story is a hoax. You know, at least Sad Satan tried. The original “gameplay” may have been a hoax, but the person who made the clone laced it with a virus, so they did some actual harm. Human Experiments didn’t even try, they may as well have just created the site on the Surface and claim it was real. Then again, if it’s on the Deep Web, it’s super duper scary, right?

Alright, so I’m going to go take my camera, some liquid latex, fake blood, and some random knives, lead my best friend into the forest, and create a fake snuff film to post on the Deep Web to get some scares. No, screw the knives! I’m just so edgy, I won’t need them to cut her open!

In all seriousness, I’d love to make a fake snuff film, but I’d need a lot more than liquid latex and fake blood. So… yeah, sarcasm.

Did this post disturb you? Here’s a puppy: