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Playing with Fire

So here’s a page deticated completely to “Playing with Fire,” which is my ZADR comic. If you don’t know what ZADR is, you may find this sort of… well… you may or may not like it. ZADR stands for “Zim and Dib romance.” In otherwords, it’s the maleXmale pairing of Invader Zim and Dib. This page is mainly for PWF fans and people who are interested in reading PWF. If I get any rude comments, I will simply delete them. I will not reply, because that’s what trolls want is to get a reaction from people.

So “Playing with Fire” is still a work in progress. There will be 20 chapters when I’m all done. I’ve done the math and estimated it should take me about 2 years to finish. But it’s good, cause I have something big… PWF is probably the best thing I’ve ever created. I never realized it would be so fuckin popular. Let me give you the low down on how it started.

So, I got into ZADR when I was 19 and started a fanfic called “Best Years of Our Lives.” It was okay, but as I wrote it, I felt so out of place… like it was just wrong. Basically, the story line was that Zim changes his appearance to look like a bad ass and tries to seduce Dib. The idea was that he’d get Dib to fall in love with him so that Dib would be too distracted to stop him from destroying the Earth. However, Zim’s plan backfires and he falls for Dib as well. He finds out that the Tallests lied to him about his mission, and he gets angry and depressed. He confesses his plan to Dib, but then tells him how it backfired. Then Dib gets this idea to overthrow the Tallests that Zim feels iffy about, but then they start to plan it out pretty well. That’s where I stopped writing. Overall, BYOOL was very depressing. Dib’s shirt had an angry face on it instead of that grey face, he had horrible insomnia, and he was suicidal thanks to all the shit Zim put him through. He cut himself often. In BYOOL, Zim and Dib get into many violent fights, and not like the fight in PWF in chapter 4. There was no humor in BYOOL’s fights. Overall, I consider BYOOL a failure.

I came up with the PWF version of Zim at work when I drew a picture in pen with him and Dib in the rain. Zim is amazed by the umbrella in Dib’s hand because it’s protecting Zim from the rain. In that drawing, I made Zim much taller than he is. After much consideration, I started a comic. I actually got inspired by ToastyGoodness’ “After Midnite.” I got this idea based on a couple jokes I came up with for chapter one of PWF. Of course, it was only meant to be one comic, and not the beginning of a huge graphic novel.

So I sketched out chapter one, “Rain,” in pencil and then photoshopped the lines and coloring. Now I look at it, I’m not too fond of chapter one’s drawings, but that’s alright. They evolved in chapter two, “Movie Night,” which I drew and colored traditionally. The rest of the chapters are drawn traditionally and colored in photoshop. It’s the easiest way, and I think it looks pretty good. Chapter two was also meant to be a mini comic, but then it started getting popular…

I came up with the overall story for PWF like I do all stories; day dreaming. Ever since I can remember, I would always create characters and senarios in my head while I’m trying to fall asleep. Then the next night, I’d continue the story in my head wherever I remember leaving off. Sometimes I’d continue the story during the day too. As I got older, they became more complex, and that’s how all of my stories were born, including my DBZ Yaoi fanfics. So, what I did with PWF was create a story based on “Rain” and “Movie Night.” I began playing things in my head that eventually formed into an over arching story line, and I must say it was genius. I didn’t just develope the story at night though; I’d also daydream about it at work when it got really slow. I’d also replay these ideas in my head as if they were episodes. That’s when I started writing the scripts for chapters 3-6. I linked them together and decided… these need to be chapter in a huge comic. That’s the best thing to do. And it turns out, I was right. I worked every day, every single minute of my free time drawing these pages. I’ve worked on it constantly since April, and I haven’t stopped, I haven’t lost interest. This is a huge thing for me because I’ve never been able to finish a comic. The only one I ever finished was the first volume of “Jan and All Evil Things Fuzzy.” But that was just a fun comic, I am SUPER cereal about PWF.

So, if you haven’t read PWF yet, I’ll provide links. I can’t give you a summary because it would spoil a lot of things. You’ll just have to dive into it yourself. I’m going to be updating this page as things go along, so you should check every few weeks or so to see if I put anything else up. Here are some useful links:

Ch. 1: Rain pg. 1 – http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/gallery/36623658?offset=120#/d4x1lvy

Character Profiles and Background Info:

Zim- http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/gallery/36623658?offset=0#/d57hjnt

Dib- http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/gallery/36623658?offset=0#/d57hjhf

Gaz- http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/art/PWF-Profile-Gaz-321752554

Mrs. Sours- http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/gallery/36623658?offset=24#/d54w1ke

The OTHER Side of the Skool- http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/gallery/36623658?offset=0#/d57hk2k

Irkens- http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/#/d5bk9pa

I’ll put up more profiles and stuff later.

PWF Fan Club on Deviant Art – http://playing-with-fire-fc.deviantart.com/

PWF Chat Room – http://xat.com/Playing_with_Fire

PWF Q&A Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deQwA17wgVI&lc=M4-7Fhb8R3S6LopY22u86rDb6HV0YVFdDAiC4mrvijo&feature=inbox

Also, on my DA there’s a bunch more stuff that has to do with PWF as well as my generic art and stuff: http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/

Though, you should already know my DA, as well as my Youtube because of the links I provide on WordPress.

Also, there is a PWF fanart contest going on, and the cut off date is September 20th. To read about the contest and the rules, go here: http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/journal/quot-Playing-with-Fire-quot-Fanart-Contest-314873630

Etsy Shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/ReitannaSeishin?ref=si_shop

Spreadshirt Shop – http://reitannaseishin.spreadshirt.com/

I will also eventually be making some merchandise (sorta). I can’t make shirts because of Spreadshirt’s copywrite policy, but I can make a few things to sell on Etsy… which I’ve never sold anything there before because I haven’t made anything to sell. XD

Anyway, I’m gonna go to bed. I’ll update this page when I can think of more stuff to put in.


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