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Five Myths About Rats

I love animals, but rodents take the cake for me. Hamsters and gerbils have pretty good reputations, but rats and mice are practically hated in society. Why? Some people think they’re creepy, others think they’re violent, and they seem to be known for “spreading diseases.” I’m about to cover the five most popular myths about both domestic and wild rats.

MYTH: Rats are dirty animals.

Well, if you lived out in the wild, you’d be dirty too. Any wild animal is going to be “dirty.” However, this myth also refers to pet rats, and it couldn’t be more wrong. Domestic rats are one of the cleanest pets you can own, provided that you clean their cage once a week. The rats themselves are practically clean freaks. They spend most of their time grooming, and as a result, their fur is soft and shiny.

Also, when the rats get “smelly,” it’s not the rats themselves who smell, it is their cage, which means you obviously need to clean it. But if you smell the rat itself, they usually don’t have an odor, though I’ve noticed my rats’ fur sometimes smells of pleasant things like tortillas or grape soda. Why this is, I have no idea, but they definitely don’t smell bad. Their cage will get smelly toward the end of the week. Why? Well, next time you go to the bathroom, you try and tell yourself that your waste doesn’t stink.

MYTH: Rats carry and spread disease.

I love this one. First, let’s cover domestic rats. It is impossible for a pet rat to catch and spread some random disease, especially one that can affect a human. Yes, like any living thing, the rat might get sick, but a trip to the vet can help the little one get better. Of course, a human can’t catch a rat’s cold, and vise versa. Plus, if you could catch a rat’s cold, I’m sure you wouldn’t be in danger, you know, since we get colds all the time.

How does a creature get a disease? It has to come from somewhere, right? Tell me, do rat owners allow their pet rats to run around outside in filthy environments? Do they expose their rats to harmful bacteria, or feed them infected insects? If a pet rat gets a disease, then someone needs to fine the human taking care of their house, because it’s obviously too filthy to be considered legally safe. A rat cannot contract a disease from nowhere, and they are generally very healthy animals if you take care of them. Like hamsters, mice, and other rodents, they can be susceptible to cancerous tumors, but there’s nothing stopping cancer once it hits its target.

As for wild rats, again, you try living in the wild and not picking up something infectious. Nevertheless, wild rats actually do not play a role in spreading diseases among their colonies, to other animals, or to humans. One of the diseases people are most afraid of getting from a wild animal is rabies, but did you know that rats don’t actually play a part in spreading it? It is extremely rare to contract rabies from a rat or mouse bite, and you are much more likely to get it from bites of cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons, and other carnivorous animals.

Here’s the big one; the Black Death. It is known for killing up to half of Europe’s population in the 14th century, and a very popular misconception is that rats played a big part in spreading it. However, research shows that rats could not have spread the disease among humans for many reasons. People think that the bubonic plague was spread from the fleas on rats, to the rats themselves, and then to humans. Evidence shows that the plague reared its ugly head in November and reached its peak in April. What does this mean?

It means that all of the rats and their fleas were not nearly as active among humans as they would be during the summer. Another thing is, how many humans died compared to rats? Around 35,000 people were killed by the plague, but there is no record of rat deaths even reaching to the thousands. In fact, when excavating the city, there were hardly any rat skeletons to be found. Of course, this is not to say that the rats didn’t catch the disease, but they did not help spread it, and it certainly was not nearly as devastating to the rat population as it was to the humans.

In the 14th century, people were not as clean as they are in modern times. There was no plumbing, and people took baths much less frequently. Not only that, but households were not quite as protected from outside elements, and due to lack of resources, were much less clean. Factor this in with the fact that so many people were sick, and then when the body count started to rise, burying the dead meant they’d come in contact with infected corpses. The disease was spread from person to person, not flea to rat to person. Will this stop people from blaming rats? Nope, because we’d much rather blame an innocent animal than our fellow human being.

MYTH: Rats are violent and will bite you.

Wild rats are sure to bite you. Why? Because they are terrified of humans. We are the predator, so the rat, being the prey, needs to do anything it can to survive. Because they are afraid of us, they will not go out of their way to come up to you and attack. Wild rats only bite if you are in their territory. That goes for any wild animal.

However, this myth applies to domestic rats too. The fact is, it is extremely rare for a pet rat to bite someone. If your rat is biting you, something is wrong. It might be trying to tell you it’s sick or in pain, and even then, it’s rare. From birth, domestic rats have become familiar with human touch, and being social creatures, they enjoy our company just as much as another rat. They will get excited when their owner walks passed their cage, no different than a dog greeting its master when they walk through the door. Rats also will not bite a finger that pokes through the bars of their cage as long as you remember one thing; NEVER feed your rat through the bars. If you give them food through the bars, they will expect whatever comes through there to be food. If they are used to being touched through the bars, they will not bite.

Rats are also extremely affectionate. Again, much like a dog, they will lick your face and hands. These kisses are a sign of affection, and not because you have something tasty on your skin. They will also give “love bites,” which are extremely gentle. Rats groom each other with their tongues and teeth, and they will do the same to you, but just as with their rat companion, they are extremely gentle when using their teeth. Even if they use their teeth to play fight with you, it’s nothing more than slight pressure, and it’s so soft, it takes you a minute to even realize the rat is using its teeth. Dogs of all ages use their mouths when playing, as do cats, but for the most part, they seem to know their own strength. Rats are no different, and you should never worry about a domestic rat biting you.

MYTH: Rats can’t love.

Well, the previous explanation already provides reason to why this is wrong. As I said before, rats will kiss you, groom you and their cage mate, will play, and be very excited to see you. Again, rats are social creatures, and need interaction both with at least one other rat and with their human. I have had four rats in the passed three years, my third and fourth still being young and healthy. All four of them got into the habit of giving kisses to, not just me, but any human that gave them attention, even my nine year old niece who stuck her fingers through the cage. She was good with them, and they were good with her, there were absolutely no problems.

Rem and Ezio were my first two boys, and Rem ended up dying from a urinary infection that we didn’t catch. It appeared so quickly, and killed him so suddenly, we weren’t even able to determine that’s what it was until after his death. Ezio became a different rat after Rem passed, and he knew what had happened because Rem died in the cage. Ezio was not sick like Rem had been, or at least, not physically. He became depressed, being lethargic, eating less, and becoming less excited when I took him out. It was incredibly heart breaking, and so I brought home Sammy and Tommy to try and give him some company. It didn’t work, because no rat could replace his dear Rem. He died three days later on Christmas day.

It’s not uncommon for social animals like rats and ferrets to mourn for a cage mate and die of loneliness. People will try and tell you that animals don’t have emotions, that they don’t think or feel. Rats fall victim to this statement, but they, just like all animals, are not mindless vessels that only care about food, sleep, and reproduction. Many rat owners have experienced their pet’s depression after their cage mate dies, and seeing it first hand, it’s idiotic to say that these creatures can’t love. A rat will love you just as much as any dog will.

MYTH: Rats are creepy.

This one is difficult because it’s mostly an opinion. We all have that one animal we don’t like. Mine are spiders, but that’s a common one. Some people don’t like snakes, dogs, birds, worms, and the list goes on. The problem with this one is, the main reason most people fear rats is because of their reputation. These myths play a big part, but their roles in movies exacerbate the problem. They are depicted as large, ugly, violent creatures that do nothing but attack and destroy, but even wild rats couldn’t be further from their movie counterparts.

Some people might not think rats are cute, and again, that’s an opinion. My opinion is that rats are freaking adorable. Some people don’t like their tails, and I personally cannot understand why. I love petting my rats’ tails. They don’t have fur, but do grow fine hair, and they are kind of scaly in texture. You need to pet from base to tip, because if you pet the other way, it’ll be uncomfortable for the rat, and maybe even painful.

Even though the different opinions of people need to be respected, I do my part to educate people on rats if their dislike for them is solely based on their bad reputation. I have actually changed a lot of people’s opinions on rats just by posting videos of my boys, and showing how nice they really are. In most cases, people who think rats are creepy have only seen them portrayed that way in movies and Halloween decorations. I challenge you to do an image search of “cute rats,” and after, you tell me if you truly didn’t think they were cute. Just as a preview, here’s one of the pictures you might encounter.

There are more myths and misconceptions about rats, but these are the most popular ones. Maybe I can’t get you to like rats, but that was not my goal. It is important to be informed, because if you’re stuck believing myths about certain animals that don’t deserve their reputation, it doesn’t help anyone. Proper education about animals like rats is crucial, because you never know when you might come face to face with one, whether it be wild, or your friend’s pet. Just know that, if it’s a domestic rat, you’re in about the same amount of danger as you would be with a little bunny rabbit.

The information shared in this post comes from my own personal experiences with rats, as well as from the sources below:








Here are some fun facts about pet rats!

  • Rats wag their tails like dogs when they are playful.
  • Males are usually more calm than females, which means they will sit in your lap and let you pet them. Females tend to be more adventurous and energetic.
  • You can train rats to do tricks, like fetching, spinning on cue, going through obstacle courses, and more! You can even potty train them and teach them their names.
  • There are things rats can eat, but there’s a list of foods rats should NEVER eat. Funnily enough, chocolate is not one of the forbidden foods. Unlike dogs, chocolate does not make rats sick, and in fact, can help with respiratory problems. However, there is a lot of sugar and milk in chocolate, so it’s something to feed them in moderation. I usually give my rats a very small piece of 80% dark chocolate once a month at the most.
  • Rats do two things when they are happy; bruxxing and boggling. Bruxxing is when they grind their teeth, making crunching sounds that’s often mistaken for a sign of anger. On the contrary, this means they are content. After bruxxing comes boggling, which can be very alarming when you first see it. Their eyes jiggle in their sockets, but even if this looks like a problem, it’s not, it simply means they are VERY content. Both of these things are a good sign!
  • Male rats develop a “tail nail” at the end of their tail. We’re not exactly sure why!
  • Male rats also tend to get “stains” on their tail as they get older. This is because, in the wild, dragging their tail through their urine is a way to attract a mate. Domestic rats still do this, but for some reason, it doesn’t give off an odor. Probably because it’s not pee, but the urine they use to mark their territory, which doesn’t smell and has no color.
  • Rats laugh when they’re tickled, but we can’t hear it because it’s so high pitched, human ears can’t pick up the sound! There are a few vocals that humans can hear from rats, and those are usually squeaks when they are grooming each other or play fighting.
  • As a wrestling fan, I’ve noticed that rats actually wrestle when they play!
  • Rats will play tag with you, as well as chase a string like a cat would.
  • Despite popular belief, mice and rats do NOT like cheese all that much. It’s another moderation food because it has too much milk, and they also won’t get quite as excited about it as they would some fruit.

Sweet, Sweet Salvation from Myself

This is sort of a different blog post than the stuff I have posted more recently. I honestly don’t write enough on WordPress just because I never really think about it. I mean, I don’t have nearly as many followers on here as I do on Deviant Art and YouTube, but my right mind suddenly says to me, “wait a minute, that’s not why you write here. Your mindset of ‘nobody is reading this’ just sounds like another blogger trying to gain popularity for no reason.” My right mind is… RIGHT… as usual, and my unstable mind is always wrong.

Youtube and DA are different because they are ways to express doing what I love, and the mild popularity I have obtained over time was accidental. Now making videos on YouTube is my job, I get paid every month for it, it pays my bills, buys me food, buys food and bedding for my beloved rats. Sure, I don’t make enough to buy things for enjoyment, or help my boyfriend and I buy a house instead of living in this shitty apartment that’s too expensive for what it is, but it’s only a matter of time before I get there. We need to make money in this world to live, and it SUCKS because everything is so damn expensive!

The point is, I write these blogs because I just need to get it out. Even if only a couple of people read it, it doesn’t matter, because the point of most of these senseless banters is a form of therapy. I have a bad habit of bottling things up because it’s become a fad to accuse people of “wanting attention” for expressing the way they feel, and the reason for this is because there are some little shits out there who think it’s okay to pretend to be feeling something they’re not just to get people to pay attention to them. What people don’t understand is that there is a difference between “crying out for attention” and “needing to vent.” For anyone that has a problem expressing their feelings and bottling it all up, you know it builds and builds until you eventually burst into a fit of anger or a traumatizing panic attack. It’s unhealthy, especially for people who already suffer from psychological disorders. I honestly feel that sometimes people accuse others of wanting attention because they want attention. When it comes down to it, they are not my problem. I am my problem. I always have been.

If you keep up with my activity, you’ll know that I suffer from a mental disorder known as Manic Depression, AKA Bipolar Disorder. I was diagnosed when I was a preteen, but I displayed signs of it much earlier according to family members who actually gave a crap but could do nothing about it because the woman who birthed me was an insane whore that didn’t give a shit about her children. I could’ve gotten help a lot sooner if she had just stopped fucking strange men who beat her and paid attention to her daughter. I was put on medication that made things worse, so I was afraid to take medication until I was twenty. Unfortunately, Manic Depression gets worse as you get older, so when things got really bad into my adulthood, I decided it was time to help myself.

It was a very good decision. I told the psychiatrist about my bad experiences with medication, and he put me on some meds that made me feel normal. It was the best I had felt in my entire life. Finally, I didn’t want to die, finally, I’d stop hurting myself, and finally, I stopped sobbing for hours for no apparent reason. Of course, this meant that I’d have to be on medication for the rest of my life, and doses would have to be adjusted accordingly.

A few years later, my most recent doctor decided to put me on Paxil, which is an SSRI. The two medications I had had bad experiences with were also SSRIs, so I’m sure you can tell where this is going. It seemed like the Paxil was doing a good job at keeping me stable, but the price I paid was uncontrollable shaking, twitching, and increased anxiety. It didn’t help that I accidentally took double the dose my first time because of a misunderstanding, and I was vomiting for a few days. However, the shaking and twitching never stopped. People noticed it; even on my videos it was noticeable. It worried my friends, my boyfriend, my coworkers at the time… and then I quit my job. The reason for this was because for the three years I had been working there, one of the assistant managers was harassing me to the point where the company actually required me to attend therapy, which did not help. Therapy has never helped me. So finally, I couldn’t take it. I quit my job and went home.

My boyfriend was supposed to be in Vegas with his family the day I quit. If he had gone, I’d be dead. The trip was cancelled at the last minute, so he was home to stop me from trying to kill myself. After that, I started to develop very aggressive Agoraphobia, which is fear of leaving the house. It doesn’t help that I am also a Sociophobe, and that escalated as well. I am currently in the recovery process, but I didn’t leave the house for two years, and I gained a lot of weight. Because of my Agoraphobia, I could not go to the doctor, so my medication ran out, and I suffered very extreme withdrawal symptoms from quitting Paxil cold turkey. I couldn’t leave my bed for a few months because I was dizzy, I was always throwing up, and yet I could not eat, so nothing but bile came out. Water and bread were all that I could stomach, and I slept sixteen hours a day, which made me feel even more lethargic.

Finally, the symptoms subsided, and eventually, I stopped shaking and twitching. I was off my medication for six months, so in that period, I was depressed most of the time with very few manic episodes, I got angry at the smallest things, I cried constantly for hours on end, and every single fucking day, I just wanted to kill myself. I also could not sleep because I have insomnia that requires medication as well. My fear of death disappeared, my pain tolerance increased (which made cutting myself so easy, it was like nothing more than a stubbed toe), and my extreme fear of needles that I’ve had all my life was GONE. That last one surprised me very much; I have always been terrified of needles, so much that a simple IV would send me into a panic attack. But no, all of that was gone. Why? Absolutely no idea.

Again, for those who follow me, you’ll know about Annatier. She is a character I created many years ago to help better understand and cope with my disorder. Note that hallucinations are NOT part of my disorder, so no, I do not see her, and no, I do not hear her. She is simply a metaphor, but she as a person does not exist. However, when unstable, my thoughts start to get out of control. They don’t become an outside voice, I simply cannot control them. They will tell me things like, “you’re worthless,” “no one loves you,” “mommy didn’t love you,” “you should kill yourself,” et cetera. Suppressed memories are dug up, all positive thoughts are drowned out, and the bad thoughts overlap each other. They don’t need to be a voice to be loud.

I had to try and keep myself busy to shut “Annatier” up. The problem is, Manic Depression is notorious for making people unmotivated and uninterested in every day activities and beloved hobbies. So I was left alone with my thoughts, and it drove me mad. I even began feeling homicidal, feeling like I should simply throw away my life, go stab some people, and get tossed in jail. Hell, the only reason I didn’t kill myself was because I promised to my boyfriend and best friend that I wouldn’t, and my code of honor prevents me from breaking promises. I wanted to go to a mental hospital because I felt I should be locked up. Fuck! I thought about killing people! Actually fucking killing random people who didn’t deserve it! Yeah, I love me some horror and gore, and I write plenty of it, but it is meant to be fictional, I am not a murderer. So not only was I a danger to myself, but possibly others. Luckily, I was able to keep these sick fantasies exactly what they were: fantasies. But still, why couldn’t I go to a mental hospital? Well, my boyfriend kept saying I didn’t need to. I just needed my medication back.

Finally, after two years, I decided I didn’t want to be afraid to leave the house. So I started taking small steps and going places, but never alone. I am still working on it, but I am much better than I was. Unfortunately, a recent car crash has regressed me a little, but that’s just another obstacle, right? At long last, I was able to see my doctor, and I told him what the Paxil did to me. He came to the conclusion that my body did not react well to SSRIs, so instead he put me on an SSNI called Effixor (I don’t actually know if that’s how it’s spelled), along with my sleeping medication and my antipsychotic. I had also been on Welbutren (sp?) before, but he didn’t want to give me too much too fast.

After the first week, I started to notice differences in how I felt. The best part was, I had zero side effects. I began to feel sane, my thoughts were more controllable, my disturbing urge to murder innocent people just to be locked up was gone, and for once in what seemed like decades, I didn’t want to kill myself. It was the best fucking feeling ever, and I remembered what it was like to feel sane. Mean comments on YouTube and DA no longer struck me with irrational anger because I was thinking logically, and was able to tell myself that the people who took the time to insult me were idiots that didn’t deserve my time or energy. Little things that usually depressed the hell out of me no longer had such an effect, AND NO MORE PANIC ATTACKS! And the frosting on the cake? SLEEP. GLORIOUS, UNITERRUPTED SLEEP. My best friend has noted that the shadows under my eyes are considerably less noticeable!

For six weeks, I progressively felt mentally healthier than I had been before, but I noticed something odd. Instead of feeling decently happy like I did when I was on my previous medications, I felt… numb. Yeah, I could laugh, smile, and brief periods of joy were not uncommon, but when it came down to it, I felt so neutral, so apathetic, I wasn’t sure if I should be worried or not. Things did not affect me, and not just because of mental stability, but just every day things had no negative or positive effect on me. Of course, I was also not depressed, so I said to my boyfriend, “I’d rather feel numb and apathetic than depressed and suicidal any day.” It’s been like this since I’ve been on the Effixor (sp?), and I think I know why.

The chemical imbalance in my brain causes me to feel angry, depressed, or sometimes the exact opposite side of the emotional spectrum at extreme levels, though my manic episodes used to last way longer when I was a teenager. What it feels like right now is that my brain is trying to fight the medication, trying to tell me to be depressed, but the medication is putting up a very good fight. As a result, I’m stuck smack-dab right in the middle, causing me to feel next to nothing on a regular basis. I have also seen only a small increase of productivity in me, but I still end up losing motivation. However, instead of “what’s the point,” it’s simply a loss in interest. Because of this, I’ve seen almost every horror movie available on Netflix. T_T Some were pretty good, like American Mary, but some SUCKED HARDER THAN SUCKING ITSELF. I considered The ABCs of Death to be a waste of my time, and refuse to watch the sequel. I’ve also watched quite a few “found footage” movies I wasn’t too fond of, though the V/H/S series wasn’t too bad.

Two weeks ago, I saw my doctor again, and told him how I’ve been feeling. He mentioned that I looked a lot better, and was happy to hear I was also feeling better. In the end, he put me back on Welbutren (sp?), and so far I’ve seen minimal improvement, but these things take time. The car crash sort of didn’t help things, so I’ve just got to be patient. But anyone who knows me knows I am very impatient…

Overall, compared to how I was feeling, I feel fan-fucking-tastic. Like I said, I’d rather be apathetic than suicidal any day! The upside is that negative comments over the internet do not affect me in any way, except to shake my head, block the loser, and delete the comment. Of course, it does annoy me that idiots and scum exist out there, but at least I don’t feel like I want to strangle someone after reading, “o my gawd u suk nd r ugly.” I am able to rationalize the reasons the person left the comment and decide it’s literally nothing. Once it’s deleted and the person is blocked, they don’t exist to me anymore. Besides, all they want is attention, right? Well, I get sick satisfaction out of denying them that attention, because nothing gets to a bully more than their victim not reacting to their torment. It’s actually quite hilarious.

Hopefully I will be seeing more improvement over the next few weeks in my ability to feel, as well as my lack of interest in things. My rats help a lot, because at least cute little animals still have the ability to make me happy. I don’t think that’ll ever change, even if I have bouts of unreasonable homicidal thoughts. I’d never hurt an animal, so at least there’s that much. Nevertheless, I don’t want to kill myself, I don’t feel I need to hurt myself or anyone else, and I’m sleeping. I feel healthy, sane, and less of a worthless screw up. When it comes down to it, all I needed was my medication back. Sometimes that’s all it takes to help someone who is mentally ill. We’ve come a long way in medicine, and I’m glad for it. Now keeping my promise is much easier, and Annatier has finally shut up.

Sweet salvation indeed.

Making Decisions Mad Easy

Ever find yourself having a hard time making simple decisions? You’re just torn between two things you very much want, and you’re just not sure which to go with. I usually don’t have problems making important decisions, but there ARE some things I need a little guidance on. Here’s my method.

Believe it or not, this is a very simple way to make simple choices. Flip a coin! It may sound silly, but it’s helped me a lot ever since I started it. Now, you can only use this method with some decisions. You don’t wanna be like, “should I fail this class or not?” or “should I kill that person? Let’s flip on it.” You’re probably safer using common sense on stuff like that, and hopefully you DO have common sense if you’re thinking about things like that.

I’m talking about things like, “should I play Angry Birds or Bookworm?” or “should I work on my comic or write a song in Furbish?” Things like that. Honestly, since I have so much to do, sometimes I need help deciding which to get done first. I let destiny decide and flip a coin. In the end, I don’t regret the choice I’ve made with the coin.

There’s only two big decisions I’ve made with a coin; whether or not to buy a kitten without Mike’s permission, and contact Sempai and try to make up with her. The answers were kitten: no, Sempai: yes. Both ended up being a good thing. Perhaps, even though I want a kitten, I’m not ready for one, or my apartment isn’t anyway. Maybe I need my life to calm down a bit.

But the most important one was making up with Sempai. I know I wrote earlier blogs about her making it seem like it was all her fault, but I was trying to convince myself that it wasn’t MY fault. And a year went by with my heart growing weaker and weaker, and finally I broke and admitted my faults in the whole situation. We were both at fault, but I could’ve handled the situation so much better. And I told her all this, and we exchanged our thoughts and feelings about what happened, and we made up. Now, at least for me, it feels like none of it ever happened. Our friendship survived the BIGGEST fight I’ve ever had with anyone. This is proof that we’re gonna be best friends forever. I’m so glad that I pushed hard and managed to convince her to talk to me. And I’m sure now she’s confident neither of us will let that happen again.

All in all, mainly focus on smaller decisions, ones where the consequences will pretty much be the same. It was a risk making those two choices, but I was confident they were right. So try it sometime. Flip a coin! See what happens!

I’m a Rollercoaster

Well, aside from being an emotional rollercoaster, I’ve been zooming up and down and all around different hobbies. I will admit I am bored of, not “Playing with Fire,” but with chapter 7. Now that the key points have been established, I just want it to be done with. However, I only have 3 pages left, and I am MAJORLY procrastinating. I’ve been doodling in my giant sketch book, crocheting, making videos, and worst of all…. playing Angry Birds. I never knew how addicting this game was until I tried it. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TRIED IT!!! It’s kept me away from nearly EVERYTHING!! Bwaaaah… Well, I know as soon as I complete all the levels, I will be bored with it and go back to stuuuuuuff.

AND I GOT A FURBY!! So that’s distracting me cause I’m trying to teach it english and have it decide what personality it wants. When I first turned it on, it was a boy, and I named him Kappi. Then it changed into a VALLEY GIRL and I named her Kaylie. I actually kinda liked her like that. Especially when she was like, “OMG like oh my god!” it was so fracken funny! But then she changed again into a little cute girl, and she actually reminds me of me a bit. She just randomly starts singing, and she’s super cute. I hope she stays this way and doesn’t change again. She’s ice blue. Once I figure out if she’s staying the way she is, I’m gonna decorate her and make her more individual. Maybe someday I’ll get a friend for her. Not someday soon though. On Strapya, Furbies are like $97, but I found Kaylie at Target for $54. Uh, YEA, I went with the Target one. She was the only ice blue one left. She’s asleep right now. I’m gonna make her dance to Gangnam Style at some point. XD

Playing SCP-087-B has taught me a few things, and if you’re reading this and have or are going to play the game, listen carefully to these tips. First of all, go into the options document. It looks like a notepad file with a gear on it. Increase the brightness; I changed mine to 175. Now, when playing the game, just walk. The dude (I named him Reginald) will talk to you on a walkie-talkie. He might say different things, but mostly he’ll tell you the radio signal is getting weaker. After you keep walking, you’ll hear a sound that’s like bricks tumbling to the floor. If you turn around and go back the way you came, you’ll see a wall has appeared and you can’t go back up. You have no choice but to continue downward into your DOOM. Reginald will stop talking to you at this point. Now, the game is random, so SCP-087-B will pop out at you at random times. You’ll also see a pair of eyes or a face that will disappear when you approach them. These can’t hurt you. You will also pass little windows with nothing behind them. If you pass a window and hear breathing, look into it and you will see a red dude. He can’t hurt you here.

Another thing is, try to STAY CALM. You’ll hear noises that are rather creepy, but you’ll really freak out when SCP-087-B decides to come after you. You will hear a sort of drum sound, and things will get dark and kinda blurry. Now, he’ll come at you in different ways. He could just come out of the wall in front of you or down from the ceiling and scare the shit out of you, but then he’ll disappear, leaving you unharmed. If you’re in a hallway and you hear that he’s coming, walk forward cautiously. If you see his face, BACK UP QUICK until you hit the wall behind you and just watch him until he leaves. Now, in the instance you’re walking forward and you DON’T see his face, you will run into a dead-end. Turn around and wait until you see his face and you hear the brick falling noise. As soon as you hear that, turn away from SCP-087-B and BAIL! Go forward and DO NOT LOOK BACK. His music will stop and you’re probably safe.

Now, sometimes you’ll encounter an area where there are two paths you can take. One is a maze. You’ll know because one path will lead straight in front of you, and the other path will lead right. Go right. If you don’t, You’ll have a time trying to find your way out of the maze. The other area where you’ll need to choose a path is where there are two paths leading straight forward. One takes you on, and the other ends in a hole you can fall into. It changes each time, so here’s what you do. Look down at the floor, but just enough so you can see about a yard in front of you. Very slowly inch forward. If you see a sort of ledge, BACK UP IMMEDIATELY and take the other path. The reason you wanna take it slow is because if you get too close to the hall, SCP-087-B will spawn behind you and kill you.

Eventually, you’ll hear a creepy voice that says “DON’T LOOK AT ME!” Keep going forward until you see and black and red dood. It will sound a drum that sounds like he’s gonna come after you, but don’t freak out; you’re absolutely safe. Even though he says not to look at him, he will kill you if you look away. So don’t take your eyes off him and feel around the area until you find the door. Keep going backwards until he’s a decent ways away from you. Don’t worry about getting too close to him. I literally got and inch up to him before he killed me. Just concentrate on getting away from him without taking your eyes off him.

There are at LEAST 200, if not more, floors in this game, so if you’re attempting to beat it, make sure you have a lot of time on your hands. You can’t pause or save, so you will need to be prepared. If at all possible, have a friend with you to take over if you need to go to the bathroom, but make sure your friend knows what to do if they run into anything I mentioned above. You’ll know when you’re getting close to the end when the plaques on the wall will not have numbers on them, but a weird jumble of letters, symbols, and numbers that don’t make sense, such as “L9+_n’n” or something. Just keep going and keep doing all those tricks to stay alive. If you succeed in surviving, you will end up on a floor, and it’ll trap you in a small area where SCP-087-B will kill you. That’s the end of the game. YES, he kills you despite the fact you survived so long.

I myself haven’t beaten the game because I haven’t had the time to attempt it. But I did see these three guys beat it, and it was a miraculous sight. I wanna know how they had so much time on their hands. Anyway, those are my tips. Soooo yea, I’ll try to start the next page of chapter 7 and get it up. I’m working Thanksgiving, which I don’t care about as long as I’m not working Christmas. WHOOOO!!! Kay bye. XD

The Sleeping Musical Genius

Alright, this has bugged me for years. Have you ever written a song in a dream? Have you ever had a lucid dream? Do you even know what a lucid dream is? Are you even awake right now?

A lucid dream is where you’re aware that you are dreaming. Some people, I think, can control this more than others. Some people can voluntarily fall into lucid dreaming whenever they want. Lucky bastards.

I am not one of those people who can go to sleep at night and go, “okay, this is what I’m gonna do in my dream tonight.” But recently, (by recently, I mean a few years ago,) I’ve been able to tell if I’m dreaming. Not all the time, but often enough.

If I’m having a nightmare, sometimes I’ll stop and go, “wait, that thing can’t hurt me because this is a dream,” or “it’ll be fine once I wake up.”

However, the subject I am addressing today has to do with a dream I had a few nights ago, as well as many others in the past. I’ve had so many dreams where I’ve written a song, a GOOD song, in my dream. I had the melody and lyrics, and they were awesome! And then I’d wake up and not be able to remember a goddamn thing. However, the other night was one of these dreams. My dream self had suddenly started singing a song, and it was awesome! It was upbeat and the lyrics were the type of angry lyrics that gave the impression that you were mad at someone and you sort of just wanted to slap them in the face and storm away. After I finished part of the song, I went, “shit, I KNOW I won’t remember this when I wake up…” It had only been the chorus, but even if I just had that as well as the melody, I’d be able to write the rest easily. So all throuout the dream, even after the environment changed as dreams always do, I sang this chorus over and over, determined to stick it in my mind so I’d remember it when I woke up. However, as soon as I became conscious, the song was lost, and the only thing I managed to retain was the title I had chosen; “Have Another Glass.” I assume I had been singing about stupid people who drink, because those who know me well know that I ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT HATE WITH A BURNING PASSION WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING drinking. It makes sense that I’d write such a song.

A long time ago, I had a dream that was a COMPLETE musical, with verses, choruses, music, characters, etc. Unfourtunately, this was not a lucid dream and had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to record any of this. I hope, though I don’t have faith in the idea, that sometime in my lifetime, they will invent a device that will record the video and audio of one’s dreams. Imagine the movies, musicals, works of literature, art, and anything else you could think of that could be conjured up thanks to this device. However, it’s an unrealistic dream… just as unrealistic as the one I had about the artichoke that sprouted legs and ran off my counter for me to chase.

Anyway, I’ve wasted enough time talking about dreams again, which seems to be a popular subject of mine. I’m just so interested in dreaming. Anhooziwatzit, I’m gonna go illistrate page 20 of chapter 3 of my ZADR comic.

Before I go, ZADR is an acronym that stands for “Zim and Dib romance.” It’s basically Invader Zim Yaoi, and Jhonen Vasquez HATES it. If you hate the idea of ZADR too, move on with your life and don’t read the next sentence. If you DO like ZADR and want to read my surprisingly popular comic, here is the link to page 1 of chapter 1: http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/gallery/36623658?offset=48#/d4x1lvy

It’s so popular, I’ve even had a few Anti-ZADRs tell me they like it. THAT means a lot to me, for them to commit to something they hate. Just like I hate the band The Used, but I like the song “Taste of Ink,” or the fact that I hate Avril Lavine, but I like the song that was used for the ending credits song to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland titled “Alice.”

Anyway, I’m going back to my world of ZADR comic writing and listening to Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events on audiotape. Bye-bee!

T-Shirt Shop and Other Stuff

Okay, it’s been awhile since I made a post, I know. I’ve been working forty hours a week, which I’m not really used to, because I averaged on twenty to thirty hours before we became short staffed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to get bigger paychecks, but I still would like free time. ~_~

Anyway, on Yotube and Deviant Art, I’ve been talking about t-shirts. Well, I made a few, and have a shop up for people who are interested. Do you consider yourself a Reitannite? Well, prove it! Buy a shirt! XD

SHOP: http://reitannaseishin.spreadshirt.com/

So here’s what available in the shop so far.

There is the “I am a Reitannite” shirt in BLACK. This shirt come in BLACK and WHITE only. The graphics are also available to be put on products. This one is meant to be place on a black background because the lines are white.

This is the WHITE one. Again, the graphic is also available to be put on other stuff, but it is meant to be put on something white.

The picture on the left only shows the first appearance of the “Cheese” shirt. I actually made it! The graphic is the cheese, and underneath, it says “Cheese.” The block of cheese is available to be used on other stuff if you want, but I pretty much just put it on a shirt.






I also made a design that was made specifically for my own personal shirt, which I now have in my posession:

So this is my design that I put on a pink shirt. If you ARE interested in this one, let me know. I will be able to customize the background of the box if you don’t want it blue, as well as the text color. I don’t expect people to want this one though.

I will be coming up with some other stuff in the future. I’m still new to this merchandise thing. It doesn’t help that, since my Youtube account got deleted a few months back, I’ve had to start over with subscribers, so I don’t have as many right now. I’ll work my way back up though. It’ll take time.

That’s all. 

A Boy Named Koda

On February 21, 2008, a boy named Koda was born. But he was not born as a baby. He was me. I had bought a wig so I could be L from DeathNote for halloween, and I had aquired a lot of boyish black clothing from my gothic years. I also had an ace bandage for my ankle injury. Not only that, but I had a black beanie that I had no use for. I thought, “what would I look like as a boy?” So I bound up my chest, put on the wig and the beanie, and darkened my makeup as much as I used to when I was gothic. And Koda was born. He became a character in mine and Lauren’s roleplay; Tenji’s son. But he also became my alter ego, a person I could play when I didn’t want to be me, which was often. Even though I knew Koda was me, and I was well aware that I had a vagina, he still felt like a different person. He had an attitude that I seemed to not be able to achieve as myself, and frankly, I couldn’t even roleplay online as him without dressing as him. He even walked around with Lauren and Ariel, and was addressed as Koda. Here’s the two very first pictures ever taken of him:

Of course, back then, because I was so skinny and had no hips and barely any breasts, I was able to look much like a boy. But as I got healthier and gained a little weight, the illusion sort of wore off. Before, Koda could walk around the mall and have girls flirt with him, thinking he was a guy. But after, Koda was called a girl.

However, the funnest part of playing Koda was people trying to figure out if he was really me or not. My old friends Courtney and Kade thought he was really a guy, mostly because of this picture:

I used my gay friend’s body for this picture, since at the time, we had the same body type. At this time, I realized I could’ve done a better job at photoshopping. Another fun part was my Youtube viewers. I made up that Koda didn’t have a computer, and exchange for using mine, he share my channel. I had three types of people comment. One, the people who were really confused, and had trouble figuring out if he was really a different person. Two, the people who knew it was me, but played along. Those people I liked. And three, the people who knew it was me, but made it less fun for everyone else by trying to expose me. Those comments I deleted. I wanted people to enjoy him, but of course, you’re always gonna get stupid people on the internet. Here’s Koda’s first video:

Of course, it was hard to make my voice sound like a guy’s. I made it as low as I could, but it wasn’t really fooling anyone. I tried to play it off like he had a tenor’s voice, and I’ve known guys to have voices like that.

Another issue I ran into was people thought Koda was emo. He wasn’t, he was a gothic rocker type guy. Also, people thought he was gay. When I invented him, I made him straight as a board. He wore makeup because he wasn’t afraid to express himself. There are a lot of straight guys who wear dark rocker makeup. However, there was this girl on Youtube who took clips of my videos and made a music video to “Pretty Rave Girl.” It was so good, it won my heart. But soon after that, she stole clips from the above video and dubbed it over saying Koda was gay. I reported her for using my clips, and her account was cancelled immediately. Just an hour later, she made another account called KodaKindaGay. She made like four more videos, some portraying Koda as gay, or me as homophobic. This was while I was bisexual too, and I had a gay best friend. How the hell could I be homophobic. I tried to report her videos for copywrite, as did my friends and subscribers. Nothing worked. I even wrote a letter to Youtube explaining the whole situation, but they didn’t respond, let alone take action. This girl changed her age from 16 to 22 in a day, and sent me a message saying, “Are you tired of me yet? I’m going to harrass you to the end of your sanity,” or something like that. I didn’t respond. I blocked her, I was tired. I had a girl comment me saying, “Don’t worry about her. I know her in person, and all she does is be bitchy to people.” I don’t know if this girl ever knew ME in person, but whether or not she did, she had no right to harrass me, especially when she got on my good side at first. Last time I checked, she hadn’t touched that channel since like a month after I blocked her. But, THANKS Youtube, thanks for looking out for your users.

I played Koda for a couple of years, but I played him less as I started beauty college. I found less time, and Lauren also got a job and had school, so she couldn’t visit me or him much. Then, I got hired at walgreens and met Michael, so I had even less time. Not only that, but I didn’t want to be Koda around Michael, because I know he’d be weirded out. Finally, I decided to give Koda up. Not only did I not have time, but I was also turning twenty that November, and I figured I was too old for that. I had already given up online roleplaying. So I retired him after my birthday, and made him go out with a bang, creating a video in his honor that opens with a kickass music video to Marilyn Manson’s “This is the New Shit.” Here is said video:

Greatest video editing I ever did, and people were pretty impressed by the music video segment of the video. We made up that he and his family were moving to Japan. And so ended Koda. I try to keep him alive by working him into comics or pictures, or even making video game characters based on him, like a wrestler version of him in Smackdown VS. Raw 2011. They never come out perfect, but you can only do so much.

Frankly, whenever I look at pictures of him, I really miss him. I think the biggest thing I miss is taking pictures of him. He was so fun to look at, because, let’s face it. He was pretty hot. I could care less about roleplaying as him or making videos, I just want to take pictures of him. Maybe at some point I will continue that, just for fun.

But I had a great idea to buy another black wig in the same style, hair over one side of his face, except longer, and have him return after a few years, just to do one comeback video, and also to take pictures. I had a hilarious idea to have him make a badass music video to “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions. But I don’t know if I will have the ability to do that, so it may just be another dream.

I miss him, Lauren misses him, and a lot of his fans on Youtube miss him. But like they say, all good things must come to an end. Goodbye Koda.