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I Lost Apple Bloom at a Concert

(This entry says I wrote it on the 14th… but it’s the 13th… I WROTE IT TOMORROW!!!)

What. The. Fuck. This was the weirdest dream I’ve had in a long time… I remember many details, but it’s like… I don’t even know where to start! I guess I’ll just… I’ll try to keep everything in the right order, but I may not be able to remember everything that happened exactly when it happened.

So… I have an ex friend named Ariel, but she appears in my dreams a lot. You see, in the last year that I knew her, she just became this horribly compulsive liar, was doing drugs, skipping beauty school even though she was paying to go there, and overall, became a bad friend. I mean, she always had problems with lying and skipping high school, but it got way worse. So, in my dreams, she’s the Ariel that I remember being a good friend, and this dream was one of those. Now, I know nothing of her now, so I don’t know if she likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but apparently she did in this dream. And you won’t believe where we went…

We went to a concert. But it wasn’t just any concert. The mane… seven? From the Equestria Girls universe came to our universe to play an exclusive concert that only MLP fans knew about. So, what I mean by seven is that it was Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Sunset Shimmer. Both Dash and Sunset Shimmer were on guitar. The problem was, in our universe, their magic of friendship didn’t work, because there’s no magic here, and they hadn’t counted on that. But I’ll get back to that in a moment.

Apple Bloom wanted to see the concert too, since, of course, her universe knew about it because Twilight had to be there. A few other ponies had come as well, but none of the mane six. In fact, it was a random pegasus that brought Apple Bloom to us, because apparently Ariel and I had somehow made an agreement to foalsit her at the concert, but the pegasus couldn’t stay. Apple Bloom was a bit nervous to be with us, especially since we knew her, but she didn’t know us, and I’m sitting there like, “I hope she doesn’t figure out that I made her a serial killer…” The odd thing was, she had a cutie mark, but it was a sparkly cloud with a happy face. Even that would be better than that stupid shield the Crusaders have, huh? Oh, and Apple Bloom wasn’t wearing her bow, but a hat that Babs Seed lent her… I don’t know why.

So, the Rainbooms performed, and because everyone loved MLP, they liked it despite the fact that they couldn’t use their magic, which shocked them. By the time the concert was over, they seemed really upset. Sunset Shimmer was trying to be the positive one, telling the others that it was okay, and that everyone liked it anyway, but there was no cheering them up. In fact, poor Applejack was so upset, she cursed for the first time in her life. She said, “everything I thought I knew was just bullshit.” Then… for some reason, she turned into Vinyl Scratch. And Ariel and I were all like, “oh! That makes sense! No wonder there are all those pictures on the internet showing AJ as Vinyl Scratch! Because they’re the same pony!” Of course, this isn’t actually true. XD I guess, in my dream, it was assumed that AJ and Vinyl had never been seen in the same place at the same time, so there was a theory that they were the same pony, and Vinyl Scratch was who AJ became when she didn’t want to be herself anymore.

Anyway, after the concert, Ariel, Apple Bloom, and I were walking around the merchandise hall (because concerts have entire halls like a convention instead of just a kiosk, didn’t you know?), but Apple Bloom was so small, we lost sight of her. So we’re running around trying to find her, but we got distracted by a room filled with sweets, and you know me, I wish I could eat nothing but sweets for the rest of my life, so I was stuffing my face with candy, cookies, and cake. Ariel wasn’t being such a pig about it, which was odd, because in real life, she was definitely a pig. We finally found her, and had to board this magical… flying bus train…? So that we could get her back to her own universe, but we accidentally missed the main one, and had to board the second one… which wasn’t the right one…

There were a lot of shady people, and apparently they all thought Apple Bloom was a stuffed toy, because they all scared her to the point where she wouldn’t talk. It became clear that this wasn’t the right magical flying bus train when the conductor started warning us about the things that normally happened on this line… the first was that it went REALLY FUCKING FAST. Did I mention that these things had no roof? Yeah, so Apple Bloom’s hat flew off, and she was like, “Babs is gonna kill me!” We had to hang on to that filly for dear life, too, afraid that she’d be blown away! But once again, we were distracted…

All of a sudden, we were in this pitch black tunnel, and surrounding us were pixels of every single color, which we could feel as tiny vibrations as we touched them, and when we touched them, we could hear the most wonderful, beautiful, calming music in existence. The pixels then filled the tunnel so that they were passing through our bodies, and the visual experience was so hypnotizing. I remember saying, “I can feel the music!” I sounded like some stupid hippy junkie, but it was true. The little pixels would hit my body, and the vibrations were so therapeutic, it was like Maynard James Keenan was in the same room and singing just for me. Hey, a girl can dream, okay?

After we got through the tunnel, the surroundings were still dark, and it seemed like we were in a completely different universe. We were all still a little zoned out from the pixels, and Apple Bloom looked more like a stuffed toy than ever, so when we tried to speak to her, people would laugh and say, “those stupid pony freaks think their toy is real.” Then the conductor said, “make sure to protect your children here, folks… they might get taken by the Snatcher. Keep your eyes peeled, and look the Snatcher right in the eye to chase him away, but he’ll come back. Stay alert.” Staying alert was a difficult task when we all felt like we had taken a shit load of sleeping medication. Ariel and I held onto Apple Bloom, squinting around for anything that might take her, because we had no idea what the Snatcher looked like. We finally saw him when he tried to take her. He was sticky, pitch black goo that moved around quickly, though he looked like the shadow of goo, not something actually material. He had two, beady white eyes, and when he tried to take a child, he’d lash out to attempt to stick to it and pull it back into the darkness.

Ariel and I kept trying to follow him, but he was too fast, so eventually we had Apple Bloom in the middle of us, and we were back to back so we could meet his eyes. We managed to fend him off a few times, but right before we finally exited the Snatcher’s territory, he got the little filly, and we both started freaking out. A few other people had lost their children, and were shouting at us for joking around, still believing that our baby pony was a toy. Those of us who had lost someone were dropped off in the Snatcher’s territory, and we were told that we had to find where the Snatcher took them. He wouldn’t kill them, but would hide them in other universes, so we had to go to those universes and locate them… but finding them wasn’t going to be easy.

First we had to watch out in the distance for any sign of our young companions through a crowd of people and creatures that the Snatcher had placed as decoys. Ariel and I were still getting made fun of for looking for a stuffed pony… But then we saw Apple Bloom briefly as she ran down a hill and vanished in the crowd, so we sprinted ahead of everyone else to get to the area where we saw her, and there was a huge box of wood shavings with items sticking out. A couple people found their kids in here, as it was really deep, and I spotted a bit of pinkish red, which I grabbed, but this was a life sized Apple Bloom that actually was just a toy. When we tossed it back and remained upset, people started thinking we were crazy. I told Ariel, “if I don’t get her back to Ponyville soon, Applejack is going to be horrified! She’ll never trust me again!!” Because… I knew her or something? I have no idea. That’s when I realized I was never actually informed on how to enter their universe, which made me panic more.

The next trial was weird, and I find it insulting that my subconscious would do this to me. We had to get through an obstacle course filled with drugs. Like fumes from burning crap, needles, pills, whatever that shit comes in. The point was to “tempt” everyone, distract them from not looking for their kids. Apparently I was the only one who had never had a drug problem. Ariel had many times, so I ended up losing her to a room where everyone was smoking pot. People kept falling for the temptation, and as I passed the junkies, they were like, “man, you gotta try this, this is some good shit…” I had to keep telling everyone that I wasn’t like them, that I didn’t do stupid stuff like that. The hard part came when I had to climb a wall covered in needles with various drugs. I wasn’t good at climbing, and I’m like, “are you fucking kidding me?” It was hard enough not to prick myself with needles when I’m sewing… but I remembered that this was to save a filly, and that was extremely important to me.

As I climbed, I did manage to stick myself a couple of times, but not deep enough for anything to enter my blood stream. I’d actually tear the needles off of the wall and toss them to the floor for the junkies to fight over. By the time I was over, I had numerous needles that I had to pick from my body, but I wasn’t feeling too sick, so I knew that not enough got into my system to where I’d be in danger of addiction… or worse. I encountered this tall stick monster that was holding a big bucket of water. In the bucket, I saw a pinkish red color, and I lunged to pull out poor Apple Bloom. She was fine, apparently the water was liquid oxygen. O_O The monster sneered at me, but I wasn’t sure why, and I carried the sodden pony away, ending up in an empty area that looked a lot like the Violence District in LSD: Dream Emulator.

I asked Apple Bloom if she was okay, but she just stared at me, grinning. Then she lifted up a hoof, and I saw a blue, circular sticker, which I pulled off. To my horror, Apple Bloom disintegrated. On the underside of the sticker, it said, “GOTCHA!” and I yelled in anger. On the spot where the fake Apple Bloom vanished was a rolled up piece of parchment, so I took it and read it… it was very loopy handwriting that gave me directions where to go, so I took the street it told me to follow, and went on from there. I think I was the only one who got through the drug trial.

By the time I got to my destination, I was, once again, in pitch blackness, but I kept walking straight. Finally, it cleared, and I was in a forest. Still walking, I exited the forest, and came to a cabin, in which I said, “no way.” Can you guess where this is going? No? What if I told you a giant man with a long, shaggy beard came out to greet me? Yup. I was in the Harry Potter universe. This wasn’t the first time. Not only that, but I had been aged down. I could tell because I was much thinner, my hair was a little longer, and the tooth I had gotten pulled a few years ago was back. Not only that, but the two teeth that got root canals when I was sixteen had no fillings, so I was younger than sixteen. My hair was blonde, I was the same height as I am now… so my only conclusion was that I was fourteen.

For some reason, Hagrid, as well as pretty much everyone else at Hogwarts, were aware that the Snatcher had dumped something that wasn’t supposed to be in their universe… into their universe, so I was expected. I was still a Muggle, though, so many charms had to be lifted in order for me to even be able to see the castle. Since I was a Muggle from a different universe, this didn’t count as exposure. Not only that (I say “not only that” a lot), they were completely aware that they were in a book. Hagrid explained to me that it was a couple days after the second task of the Twiwizard Tournament, so I realized that I was in the fourth book. That explained why I was fourteen. It was strange, because, even though the characters knew they were in a book, they didn’t know how the book would end, so Hagrid told me, “I know ye’ve read the series and all, but don’t go interferin with the plot, yeh hear? Don’t go tellin everyone what’s gonna happen, or’ll that’ll change the book.” Me: THIS IS SO COOL!!!!

I was dressed in robes to blend in, but still, everyone knew who I was and why I was there. I attended some classes, because in order to find what I was looking for, I had to answer questions about their universe. When I was in Potions, the Slytherins were laughing at me, ya know, cause I was a Muggle, and I was FASCINATED WITH EVERYTHING THEY WERE DOING BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! I went up to Pansy Parkinson and said, “ya know, I’ve heard you Slytherins aren’t very pleasant.” But I smiled at her because I already knew everything about them and what would happen. Though, when I saw Draco Malfoy, I couldn’t help but smile at him because… well, I always fall for him in every dream I have with him in it. I think I saw him smirk, but I wasn’t sure if that was him flirting back, or if it was because he thought I was scum.

Apparently there were some rules to having me in their universe. Time was actually stopped, though the characters on the Hogwarts grounds were in motion for the sake of helping me. They were unable to speak of me after I left, even if they remembered me, so Rita Skeeter wouldn’t be able to write about me. It’s not that they weren’t allowed to, it was that they couldn’t. It was weird. I decided to follow the Gryffindors around, hanging out with, you guessed it, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. There were times when I had to stick my fist in my mouth and say, “must! Not! Interfere! With! Plot!” Transfiguration was cool, and Hermione was extremely impressed with how much I knew, and I told her, “well, it was you who taught me a lot of it.” I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to do magic myself, even when Harry tried to let me use his wand. I said to him, “I didn’t expect much. I am a Muggle. In my universe, magic doesn’t even exist.” He and his friends were all fascinated by this information, but Harry remembered a time when he thought magic didn’t exist too.

After Professor McGonagall had me answer questions about events that had happened in the first three books, I hung out with the trio outside, even though it was kind of cold, it being February. I explained to them who I was looking for; a talking adolescent female pony with pinkish red mane and tail, and yellow hide. I told them that she wouldn’t look like a normal pony, that her head and body shape would be much different, and her eyes would be big and expressive. I ended up drawing a picture of her. Then Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle came up to us and started jeering about “the great Harry Potter mingling with a Muggle from an inferior universe.” Harry and his friends were about to defend me, but little teenage me couldn’t help but go up to Draco and start flirting with him. I told him he was cute, and his expression looked a mix of disgust and flattery. Harry did not look happy, and when the Slytherins had left, he asked me what that was about. I said, “to be honest, I’ve always had sort of a crush on Draco, especially after seeing who played him in the movies.” Hermione and Harry both asked, “there are movies based on our book series?” and Ron asked, “what are movies?” It was super weird when Harry later confided in me that he had sort of a crush on Draco too, and I was like, “am I in the right universe? Are you sure this isn’t a fan fiction?” He told me that his character was written to have a crush on Cho Chang (I couldn’t tell him about Ginny), so he had to do whatever was written about him, even if he was aware of his true feelings. I said, “it must suck to not have any free will unless universes collide,” and he nodded. But he said it wasn’t so bad, because he did like Cho a lot, too, since she wasn’t an ass like Draco was.

I managed to pass all of the tests I had to go through, but there was one final trial. I guess you don’t have to have magic blood to ride a broomstick? So I was to join the Gryffindor Quidditch team in a game of non-magical Quidditch, which had something to do with long sticks with foam at the end, looking like giant Q-tips… I DON’T KNOW, but I was really bad at it. I ended up saying, “it’s not my fault! I can’t move well in my dreams!” We ended up losing against the Slytherin team, so my search for Apple Bloom couldn’t continue. The thing was, no one knew where the filly was, not until I completed a series of events to unlock that information… so instead, they had me swim in the lake with a bunch of small tentacle creatures that would latch onto me, which stung. It was like they were just balls of jellyfish tentacles. I was supposed to collect them without getting stung, but I couldn’t manage that either! Afterward, I took a break at Hagrid’s.

I ended up asking him, “listen… something really bad happens at the end of this book… it’s a matter of life and death… am I still not allowed to tell anyone about it? Not even Dumbledore?” His expression became more serious, and he allowed me to inform him that Voldemort returns. He was horrified, naturally, and I told him the entire story of what happens in the maze, Cedric Diggory’s death, the graveyard, and I was about to tell him about Barty Crouch Jr., but the sky had suddenly grown dark. It was weird, because, since time was stopped, it wasn’t possible for it to be night time. Hagrid said he made a mistake by allowing me to tell him that, and we ran outside of the cabin. Every character, including him and I, had chains coming out of our chests, a metal loop at the end, and they were floating in the air horizontally. He told me I had to find Apple Bloom’s chain and leave this universe quickly.

To my great surprise, Draco found her first, and he ended up carrying her to me. She was shaking in fright, and when I took her, Draco was giving me this look, like he knew something bad was going to happen, and he didn’t want to stay. A hole formed in the ground, trying to suck me in, and I gripped Apple Bloom’s chain loop tightly in my hand, but Draco didn’t look like he wanted me to leave him, so I took his chain loop as well. Hagrid shouted at me, saying I couldn’t take anything bad into another universe, or I’d upset the balance, and we’d be stuck between dimensions forever, but the three of us were sucked into the hole.

It was dark, and we seemed to be underwater, but were able to breathe. I was trying to tell Draco that he didn’t have to be bad, that he could come with me. We were still stuck between universes, so my age hadn’t returned to normal yet. In fact, Draco’s hand was clasped around his tie, which he had taken off, and the other end was stuck where the hole had been. He told me he didn’t want to be away from me, because I guess he had fallen for me or something (T_T cliché), but he didn’t want me to be stuck in limbo forever. Still, he also didn’t want something bad to happen in his universe. He ended up kissing me, and then whispered in my ear, “come fix it.” I still had a firm hold on his chain, but when he used his wand to open the hole back up, as it hadn’t fully closed, the blast forced me to let go of, not only his, but Apple Bloom’s as well. I was shot back into his universe without either of them. This had broken so many laws of nature, time resumed, but the sky remained dark.

All of the characters had free will, but the written events still had to happen. They could speak and interact with me, but I still couldn’t actually be written into the story. Time kept trying to stop again so that it wouldn’t upset the book, but I wanted to, not only save Draco and Apple Bloom, but save the Harry Potter universe as well. Draco had told me to fix it, so I was going to try.

Ready for another cliché event? Harry ended up falling for me too. I knew Draco would be upset, but I guess I went out with Harry. This is like a cringe worthy fan fic where the author writes themselves as the character’s love interest. I told Harry I wish I could’ve gone to the Yule Ball with him, actually made it fun instead of unpleasant, but he said that might’ve kept him from finding out Hagrid was half-giant before Rita could write about it in the Daily Prophet. He asked me what happened with Draco, and I told him he wasn’t actually that bad, that he does bad things in the later books, but him falling for me had changed it somehow. I explained to Harry that I needed to speak to Dumbledore, but I wasn’t able to, as time started to speed up, and it was almost the third task. Actually, I had to hold Harry’s hand as tightly as I could, because he was written to enter the maze, and even though he wanted to stay with me, he had no control over what his feet were doing.

I ended up screaming at him about what happens, that Alastor Moody was not the real Moody, the real one was in his trunk with the many locks. The imposter had put Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire, and the Twiwizard Cup in the maze had been turned into a Portkey. I explained about Cedric’s death, and Harry ended up saying, “well, if I don’t go, Cedric’s still going to get sent to the graveyard and die!” I told him, “I know, and it’s horrible, but if you go, Voldemort will return because he needs your blood to complete the ritual! That’s why I need to tell Dumbledore what’s going on! You cannot enter that maze!” He was trying his hardest to allow free will to trump his written actions, but just then, another hole opened in the ground, and Draco came out, still holding Apple Bloom. He looked really upset that I was with Harry, but I said, “it won’t matter after I leave your universe, I have to take Apple Bloom back home, and then I have to go home!” Both Harry and Draco said they wanted to come with me, that it was the only way to make sure Voldemort didn’t return, and that Draco could be turned good. The hole was still open, trying to suck me back in because the filly and I didn’t belong there, but both boys latched onto me as tightly as they could, and we were all taken away.

I said that I didn’t know how to get to the MLP universe, I didn’t know how to willingly change universes at all. We weren’t falling, but swimming in the water that existed between dimensions. That’s when Draco and Harry started arguing about who deserved to be with me, and I told them my real age, that I would be an adult once I entered a dimension that would return me to age twenty-six. They started to wonder if they’d get turned into adults if they entered my universe, but I couldn’t be sure whether they’d be seventeen, or if their age would be determined by the epilogue at the end of the seventh book. Then I also told them that I actually had a boyfriend back home, but said to Harry, “I don’t think it’s me you should be focusing on. Isn’t there something you want to tell Draco?” This led to an embarrassing conversation between the two teenagers as we searched for Apple Bloom’s universe. There seemed to be giant bubbles with images in them, giving me a preview of each universe. It was night time in all of them.

After Harry confessed that he had a crush on Draco, there was an absurd suggestion of a polygamous relationship between them and me, but I interrupted by telling them I found three bubbles, but wasn’t sure which one was the MLP universe. All three images were exactly the same, which I actually don’t remember what they were. We entered the first one, and I felt a weird sensation as I was becoming a cartoon. Apple Bloom suddenly became her Equestria Girls version, and when I looked back at the boys, they were drawn in that style, WHICH WAS WEIRD. And don’t ask me why Apple Bloom hadn’t been a human in the human universes, because she just wasn’t, dreams don’t make sense.We all ended up falling pretty hard onto the ground in the middle of nowhere, but I found a puddle and looked at my reflection. I was now in my late teens, as were the boys, but I was cradling a younger teenager that was Apple Bloom.

“Is this really what I look like here?” she asked, looking in the puddle and feeling her head. “Why’s my head so big?!”

“This is the wrong universe,” I told Harry and Draco. “How do we get back into limbo?”

“I managed to find the bubble to our universe to get back,” said Draco.

“We don’t belong here, maybe we can try to make one of those holes open up like before,” said Harry. Even though Apple Bloom was only a little shorter than me, I still hung onto her because I knew she’d become a pony again later. Both wizards started casting spells so that the EG universe would expel us, and they finally managed to do it before any of the EG characters could walk by and see us. Once in limbo again, we were still drawn in that style, but after we entered the second MLP bubble, we all became ponies. I was now a young adult, and looked like the pony version of myself that I drew. We all landed in a fountain, and it was definitely Ponyville, but the fountain had been damaged, and the entire town looked abandoned. Apple Bloom stayed close to me, but when the three of us humans tried to walk, we were having immense trouble. Not only that, when I looked around and saw who was in the vicinity, I said, “uh oh.”

It didn’t take long for us to be surrounded by seven ponies that I recognized. Apple Bloom was shocked to be looking at herself, only the other one still had her bow. Pinkie Pie and Babs were there, but so were my versions of Marble and Limestone, as well as Minkie Pie.

“Oh god, we’re in the Muffins universe,” I told my group. “I didn’t even think this could happen.”

“What’s the Muffins universe?” Harry asked.

“This is Ponyville, but why does it look so different?” said Apple Bloom. “Why is there another me, and why…” She spotted the other Apple Bloom’s cutie mark; an apple stabbed with a knife. “Kara, what’s going on?”

“This is a fan fiction I created,” I explained, nervous as the bakers eyed us in suspicion. They didn’t look like they wanted to welcome us. “In this universe, all seven of these ponies are cannibalistic murderers.”

“Even me?! And Babs too? Pinkie Pie…?!” said Apple Bloom in horror. The wizards behind me, who had been turned into unicorns, weren’t very happy either, having not known that I had a dark side.

“It’s just fiction! But… I have a feeling that, now that we’re in their universe… this could get very real…” I said. Apple Bloom pointed out that Inkie and Blinkie Pie resembled Marble and Limestone Pie, but she didn’t recognize the last one. I told her that Minkie Pie was created before Maud, so she was Pinkie’s sister instead of Maud Pie.

“Who is ‘Maud Pie?'” were the first words that Pinkie spoke, her voice actually being my impression of her.

“Why’re there two of me?” said Muffins Apple Bloom, also in my voice.

“Listen, we’re not a threat, okay? We’re all from different universes, and I’m actually the creator of this one!” I tried to tell them. Babs looked ready to start wailing on me, and I was terrified, because I had made her really strong, but Inkie Pie stopped her.

“Minkie, do your thing,” she said. Even though I created her, seeing her face to face was actually just as terrifying as I made her sound. I knew what she was doing, and we stared into each other’s eyes.

“I created you,” I told her softly. “I based you off of my own past. I’m the reason you’re so troubled, why you were locked up, but I’m also the reason you got out, got reunited with your family, gave you friends, and gave you something to be happy about. I gave all of you bakers your personalities. If you kill any of us, all of our universes will be damaged. If you kill me, your universe will be stuck in time. Haven’t you wondered why it’s so dark?”

“We thought that was odd, yes,” she replied. It was weird hearing my voice come out of these ponies… which reminded me…

“You know I’m not lying,” I said in Minkie’s voice, and everypony froze. “You know I’m not lying because you are me. I gave you the power to tell when somepony is lying because I can do it too, just not as well as you. You know I’m being honest because I don’t lie.” Then I switched to Derpy’s voice, looking at the pegasus. “Derpy’s Minkie Pie’s friend, so Derpy trusteds her when she trusteds somepony else!”

“Wow!” exclaimed Derpy, clapping her hooves.

“Wowie zowie!” I exclaimed in Pinkie’s voice, which caused the party pony to gasp loudly.

“WOWIE ZOWIE!!!” she repeated.

“Ya really created us?” Babs inquired in astonishment.

“Well, for six a ya, I only created certain aspects,” I explained in her voice. “In your canon universe, you’re not serial killers, and crime doesn’t even really exist.” I switched to Inkie Pie. “I did not create Marble or Limestone, but I gave them these appearances and personalities.”

“My name is Marblestone,” Inkie Pie corrected.

“Only because I accidentally confused your name with Limestone’s,” I replied, speaking in my normal voice now. “You are originally Marble Pie, but because of my mistake, you’re Marblestone Pie. Both of your canon versions look completely different, and Marble is… well, the exact opposite of you, Inkie. Minkie Pie is the only one of you that I completely created. The rest of you are just my versions of the originals.”

“WHO IS ‘MAUD PIE??!!'” Pinkie demanded, and I shook my head.

“Your original third sister that was created after I made Minkie. Be glad I didn’t give you a Maud, because she’s really boring.”

“Kara, I don’t like this place! I wanna go home!” said Apple Bloom.

“That’s my original voice?” asked Muffins Apple Bloom. “Pretty close, I guess…”

“She’s right, though, we really do need to leave. Minkie, I know you believe me,” I said, and she nodded.

“She’s telling the truth,” she told the other bakers. “Though, I think you’ve figured that out by now.”

“How are you going to get back to your universes?” Blinkie Pie demanded, and I laughed at the bossy attitude I had given her.

“Harry and Draco need to use magic from their universe to open up another portal,” I said, looking back at the stunned stallions, but then they quickly hopped out of the fountain. Harry was patting his body.

“Where’s my wand?” he wondered, but saw Draco’s horn.

“I think it’s on your head,” he said, “you’re a unicorn.”

“So are you!” Harry laughed. “Um… Expelliarmus!” A spark of red light hit Draco, and he was thrown backward, but there was nothing to Disarm. “Oops! Sorry!”

“Magic doesn’t work that way here,” I told them. “There are no incantations, not like that anyhow. But that’s perfect, maybe that’ll kick us out.” I turned to the bakers. “Stand back, I don’t want you getting sucked into limbo too.”

“Wills you ever comed back?” Derpy asked sadly.

“I can’t promise anything, but maybe.” They all looked rather disappointed, and I was too. If I stayed in this universe, it’d give me a chance to actually find out what it feels like to actually kill someone without consequences, that way I could understand these characters better… then again, even though I was a pony here, I loved animals way too much. I don’t think I could kill one… but they didn’t look like ponies from my universe. What a conundrum.

Reducto!” cried Draco, blasting a patch of dead grass and dirt.

Stupify!” Harry said, though he didn’t Stun anything because there was nothing to Stun, just singed the grass. They both looked at each other.

“It feels weird, it’s weaker,” Draco complained, and Harry nodded in agreement.

“Maybe if we cast the same spell at the same time in the same place, it’ll open a hole,” he suggested. “But what spell should we use?”

“Harry, Draco doesn’t have as much practice with certain spells you’ve learned this year to get you through the third task,” I said. “Try the Disarming Spell again.” Both unicorns aimed at the place in the grass that Draco had damaged, and in unison, they shouted, “Expelliarmus!” I heard the bakers gasp as a hole opened, and I held onto Apple Bloom again as we were getting sucked toward it.

“I’ll try to visit you guys!” I shouted at my characters. They waved, and the four of us were plunged into limbo once more.

“I can’t believe ya made me a serial killer!” Apple Bloom shouted at me.

“Actually, it wasn’t me, it was the guy who originally made Pinkie Pie a killer. I just added onto it,” I told her. “Don’t worry, it won’t affect you or your universe in any way.”

“So, this one must be it, then?” asked Harry, and I nodded. We went into the last bubble, and landed in the same exact fountain, but it was intact, and Ponyville was alive and unharmed.

“Woah, what a difference…” Draco muttered. We were once again surrounded by ponies, but this time, it was the mane six, a few background characters, and both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. I felt exhausted, releasing the filly in my hooves, and she ran to Applejack.

“What took y’all so long?!” she barked at me. “We were worried sick!”

“I had to ask the princesses for help, they only just got here!” Twilight added.

“We had a huge mishap,” I said. “Please forgive me, I had to do a lot just to save her from being trapped in another universe.”

“It ain’t her fault,” Apple Bloom said. “She really did keep me safe… actually, most of it was pretty fun!” Celestia addressed me.

“These two stallions are not from here, are they?” she said, and I shook my head.

“I don’t expect you to know where they came from, they’re from the Harry Potter series.”

“Which one?” the princess laughed. “The book series? The movie series? Or one of the countless fan fictions?” I was shocked, but smiled.

“The original book series, the fourth book to be specific… but…!” I had just remembered. “I needed to tell Dumbledore something! Cedric Diggory is going to die, if he hasn’t already–”

“You’ve interfered with the plot?” she asked sternly. “No wonder everything is off balance… didn’t they warn you not to do that?”

“Yeah, but… Draco wanted me to change it… and no one else wants Voldemort to return either,” I said. Celestia shook her head, looking back at her sister.

“I’m going to need you to help this girl get back to her own universe, Luna,” she said. “I’m actually on very good terms with Dumbledore. I’ll return these two wizards, and I’ll have a talk with him.”

“If we return, we’re going to act as we were written to do!” Harry protested.

“I possess magic much different than wizards in your universe do,” she told him. “Some may say it’s stronger. I will be able to hold you in place while I speak to Albus. Our worlds will remain imbalanced until we are all returned to our proper places.” Draco and Harry approached me, looking sad.

“We want you to visit us again,” said Harry.

“If you match our age in our universe, there really shouldn’t be a problem, right?” asked Draco, and I laughed.

“Er… we’ll see. I didn’t want to tell the bakers this, but… I don’t think I’ll be able to travel like this again. Magic doesn’t exist where I come from,” I said sadly.

“You’d be surprised,” Celestia argued with a smile. “It’s small, but it’s there. As long as you don’t try to change plot lines again, you’re welcome to visit any universe.”

“How do I do that?”

“How did you do it today?” said Luna. I thought a moment, but it clicked.

“I’m dreaming,” I concluded. The princesses nodded, and Celestia pulled the chains from Draco’s and Harry’s chests with her magic so that she could hold onto them, and Luna did the same with me.

“Let’s get you all back to where you belong,” said Celestia. The alicorns ripped open two different holes, I waved goodbye to Harry and Draco, and they waved back. Despite everything, Apple Bloom was also waving, and finally, I was back in limbo, and Luna was able to find my universe and place me back in my own bed. She said something to me, but I never got a chance to hear it because Michael was waking me up at that moment. I remember groaning a lot. XD

At some point in the dream, I remember thinking, “I’ve gotta visit my Reitanna Fiction universe at some point.” Of course, now that I’m awake, I doubt universe hopping is going to be something I can do, lucid or not. My dreams just drop me wherever, and if I’m lucid, I still can’t decide where I want to be. Hell, sometimes when I try to ask Satan to help me in a sticky situation, he either turns out to be some dude in a costume, or he doesn’t show up at all. He used to show up ALL THE TIME. Even flying has become rather difficult for me.

But yeah, that was my dream. I can’t even describe how scary it was to be face to face with the bakers. I was sure it was going to turn into a nightmare. As for Apple Bloom’s cutie mark, I think that meant she was supposed to be from a fan fiction universe, and not the canon one. But what could a sparkly, happy cloud represent? XD That would also explain why Applejack was basically Hanna Montana. T_T So strange… Plus, where were all the other MLP fan fiction universes? I probably just didn’t look hard enough? Anyway, I haven’t had a vivid one like that in awhile, and what’s more, it actually wasn’t a nightmare for once. I’m glad I remembered it fully when I woke up, now it’s documented, so even if I forget it, I can read it over! YAY!!

I wish we understood dreams better.


Baby Foxy?

Alright, I don’t have many Five Nights at Freddy’s dreams, but I sure had one last night!

So apparently, I lived in a world where Freddy Fazbear’s Entertainment really existed, and so did the animatronics. Since in real life I played the game, in the dream, I had worked in one of the facilities, having experienced the horrors of the animatronics myself. Then, somehow I went back in time… way back in time…

I don’t know what year it was, but at the facility, there was only Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, but other animatronics were in production. Nothing spooky had happened yet, or at least, nothing the public was aware of. Michael and I were walking around, and for some reason, we kept finding dolls of Futurama characters, which hadn’t even existed yet. He found one of Bender, and I went down a hall, explaining to him I had found one of Roberto. He was just outside the hall, so I said, “I found one of Roberto, but he was really damaged just like–”

I was about to say, “just like Foxy,” but instead, I let out a loud squeal. Just before I was about to finish my sentence, a three foot tall animatronic came waddling out of a back room, and it stared up at me. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING, and I recognized it immediately. It was Foxy, but he was a baby, as if the animatronics had a baby phase and actually grew up into adults. He was in perfect condition, looking brand new, and his form was very simple and chubby. The differences were, he didn’t have an eye patch or a hook, so it seemed as though he hadn’t originally been meant to be a pirate.

I died, of course, picking him up and hugging him, knowing full well who he was. When it comes to cute things, I really can’t help myself. He seemed to like the attention though, so he allowed me to carry him out of the hall. I showed him to Michael, who was like, “that thing almost killed you in our time, and you’re hugging it?!” I told him that Foxy was just an innocent baby, and maybe giving him some love would help his future self. Mike shrugged and wandered off somewhere.

I sat against the wall and played with baby Foxy, who took his stubby hands and started batting them on my face. He meant to be gentle, but he was made of metal, so it was more firm than it would be if he were a real fox. It didn’t hurt, but it did make me flinch. I started baby talking to him, and he spoke back. It was a like a child’s voice coming from an old radio, even worse quality than a Furby. I could still understand him though, and he said, “do you want to sing a song with me?” He was programmed to entertain children, so naturally, he was going to do that, even with an adult.

Two other animatronics came out, and they must’ve been rejects or something, because I had never seen them before. There was a big, fat hippo, and a small, but long and thin lizard. The hippo had bongos, and the lizard had an ukulele, so they started playing and singing, and Foxy hopped off my lap, faced me, and began to dance, singing as well. I was clapping along, enjoying the cute little fox’s performance, and eventually Fredbear came up to sing with them, though I’m not sure where Bonnie was.

After their song was done, I took Foxy’s little hands and danced with him a little more, but then Michael called out to me and told me to “come look at this.” I said to Foxy, “I’ll be right back, sweetie, don’t go anywhere, okay?” He looked extremely sad, but I gave him a hug and went to see what Mike was looking at.

I don’t think Fazbear’s Pizza was actually Fazbear’s pizza. It was more like an indoor playground, and so far, it didn’t seem too popular. There were paintings of cartoon versions of Fredbear and Bonnie, games, playground equipment, and a bookcase for adults to read while they supervise their kids. There weren’t many people in the building, so it was really quiet.

Mike led me to the bookcase and pointed to a book titled, The Joy of Creation, which is funny because, in the first game, Freddy says something really fast on the phone on night five, and you can hear him say “the joy of creation” in it. I opened the book and saw that it was about what inspired the creation of this entertainment center and the animatronics, as well as the work put behind it.

I came to a page that showed sketches of scrapped designs for animatronics. The hippo, Hippy, and the lizard, Zardo, were shown there, but there were a few more. However, baby Foxy was also there. I was shocked to see that Foxy was there, since I knew he is a character in the future. The page also explained that Foxy, Hippy, and Zardo were all built and programmed to simply test how the systems worked, but were not to be kept as characters. They were stowed in a back room after testing, but I guess they hadn’t been turned off… or they had been, and they turned themselves back on.

I didn’t blame them for scrapping Hippy and Zardo, because they were kind of lame, and Zardo wore a sombrero and spoke with a stereotypical Mexican accent, so I felt he might offend… then again, this was a different time period… but there was nothing wrong with baby Foxy. He was perfect in every way, so cute, friendly, funny, and docile.

I went back to find Foxy, and he came running up to me, hugging my leg. I picked him up and ventured to find the manager. When I found her, I explained that I had read about the scrapped animatronics in The Joy of Creation, and that I felt Foxy should stay on as a character. (While I was talking, Foxy was nuzzling my cheek, and he had the collar of my shirt clutched tightly in his hands.)

“The only reason we feel Foxy isn’t suitable is because he has problems getting attached to people,” said the manager. “I’m not sure how you found him, or turned him on, but we feel it’s best to keep him away from people.”

“I’ve spent lots of time with him today, and he seems to be fine,” I said. “Maybe if he gets a lot of attention, he’ll grow out of this ‘mommy phase.'”

“Well, we’ll see…” she replied, but didn’t seem too sure. Again, I took Foxy out to the main room to play. He preferred me to sit down so that he could be at eye level with me, and he spent a lot of time sitting on my lap while we spoke to each other. He started to call me “mama,” which I thought was cute, and at the time, was too blinded by this cuteness to see that there was indeed a problem. He would tell me all about how he loves to sing and dance, but he’s scared of Fredbear and Bonnie because they were so tall. He also told me he wants to eat Zardo, but his “wittle teef awr too smawl.”

After quite some time, Michael came back and said there was an emergency we needed to tend to somewhere else. I said I didn’t want to leave Foxy, but Mike told me we could come back later. I set Foxy down, and he looked even more anguished than before, and I could tell he didn’t want me to leave.

“I have to go for just a little bit, Foxy, okay? But I’ll be right back, I promise,” I said. Foxy just stared miserably at me, so I said again, “I promise, I’ll be right back. We’ll play again in no time, alright?” He nodded slowly, and Mike and I hurried out.

For the life of me, I don’t remember what was so important, but it took us much longer than I thought. The sun had gone down, and the sky was dark by the time I went back to the entertainment center without Michael, which stayed open until ten. It was completely empty, except for the employees and manager, but something was different. The paintings on the walls had changed. Instead of the characters smiling and looking happy, they looked enraged. I had a really bad feeling, so I ran around the place, calling out for Foxy.

Hippy and Zardo came out of nowhere and tried to attack me, but Hippy was too slow, and Zardo was too small to be any threat. I knew, however, that if I met Fredbear or Bonnie, I’d be in trouble. I came face to face with the manager, and I asked her where Foxy was.

“I’m not sure,” she said, “something must’ve upset him really bad, the animatronics are going haywire, and the paintings have changed! I don’t know what’s going on!”

“Um… I think this is my fault… I told him I’d be right back, but it took me longer than I thought, so he must think I lied…” I mumbled.

“I told you! He has problems with getting too attached! He thinks you’re his mother or something!” she yelled angrily at me. I felt even more guilty, and rushed away, continuing to call out Foxy’s name. He finally crawled out from under a table, and I knelt down, holding my arms out. The look he was giving me was of pure hatred, and my heart broke when I saw it.

“I’m sorry I took so long, but look! I’m back, just like I promised!” This didn’t seem to make him feel better, and I knew his trust in me had been broken. He actually hissed at me, and both Fredbear and Bonnie burst into the room, heading toward me alarmingly fast. They were like eight feet tall, and their eyes were just as murderous as Foxy’s. Having been through this before, I screamed and ran back to the entrance. When I was outside, the two enormous animatronics were still hell bent on chasing me down, wanting to punish me for hurting baby Foxy, so I had to continue to run.

I ended up bumping into this young man, just a little younger than me, and he saw what was chasing me. He grabbed me, and we got into this weird go-kart he owned, and I knew it probably wasn’t street legal. It had been rigged up so that, not only was it really fast, but it was also armored to protect the riders inside. We drove away as fast as we could, and I mentioned to him that I was terrified of riding in cars, but he said I’d have to deal if we wanted to get away from those things. He introduced himself as Lucas.

The car was surprisingly swift and fluid, but I still scared me, and I expected to be chased down by cops at any moment. Just then, we saw a delivery truck with the Fredbear logo on it, and Lucas was unable to avoid it, so we crashed. We were so strong of a car, it tipped the truck over and broke the back open. I got out, and froze in fear, seeing the animatronics of Chica, Bonnie, Freddy, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Toy Freddy stand up, having been lying on the ground from the crash. They all stared at me, a horrible, evil look in their eyes, and I thought they too were going to attack me, but then they turned away and started walking in the direction of the entertainment center. Apparently they were being delivered, but since the truck crashed, they had to get there on their own.

Lucas took me to his friend’s house to try and figure out a way to get me home, and all the while, I just sat on the couch and thought. I came to the conclusion that I had caused the animatronics to go crazy. I made it so Foxy had trouble trusting people, developing abandonment issues. (Of course, this is nowhere near the actual explanation in the real games.) The other animatronics became protective over Foxy, even as he grew up. Freddy, becoming the leader after Fredbear, would be responsible for wanting the staff to keep Foxy as a character, so they redesigned him as a pirate. Interaction with children in Pirate Cove caused him to feel pain, remembering how his “mother” betrayed him, which caused the bite of 87. It was my fault, and If I hadn’t shown baby Foxy love, the whole thing in the future would’ve never happened.

I felt awful, wishing there was a way to fix what I had done, but I had to find a way to get back to Michael so we could return to our own time. (Why we went back in time in the first place, I have no idea.) Lucas started to like me, so he kept making excuses not to let me go, but I told him he and I wouldn’t work out because I was with Mike, and we planned to get married in a few years. I told Lucas that he was sweet and attractive, but I loved Michael, and nothing would change that. He eventually admitted defeat.

On the way to trying to reunite me with Mike, we came by this gang that had both boys and girls in it, and we started to get in a fight. Lucas took down some guys, but I managed to fuck up this red headed girl so bad, none of the other girls wanted a piece of me, seeing as how I didn’t have a scratch on me. This impressed all of the guys in the gang, so they let us go.

I woke up before I had a chance to see Mike again, but it’s okay, because it was the real Mike that woke me up! Here’s what baby Foxy looked like:

baby foxy

The Sleeping Musical Genius

Alright, this has bugged me for years. Have you ever written a song in a dream? Have you ever had a lucid dream? Do you even know what a lucid dream is? Are you even awake right now?

A lucid dream is where you’re aware that you are dreaming. Some people, I think, can control this more than others. Some people can voluntarily fall into lucid dreaming whenever they want. Lucky bastards.

I am not one of those people who can go to sleep at night and go, “okay, this is what I’m gonna do in my dream tonight.” But recently, (by recently, I mean a few years ago,) I’ve been able to tell if I’m dreaming. Not all the time, but often enough.

If I’m having a nightmare, sometimes I’ll stop and go, “wait, that thing can’t hurt me because this is a dream,” or “it’ll be fine once I wake up.”

However, the subject I am addressing today has to do with a dream I had a few nights ago, as well as many others in the past. I’ve had so many dreams where I’ve written a song, a GOOD song, in my dream. I had the melody and lyrics, and they were awesome! And then I’d wake up and not be able to remember a goddamn thing. However, the other night was one of these dreams. My dream self had suddenly started singing a song, and it was awesome! It was upbeat and the lyrics were the type of angry lyrics that gave the impression that you were mad at someone and you sort of just wanted to slap them in the face and storm away. After I finished part of the song, I went, “shit, I KNOW I won’t remember this when I wake up…” It had only been the chorus, but even if I just had that as well as the melody, I’d be able to write the rest easily. So all throuout the dream, even after the environment changed as dreams always do, I sang this chorus over and over, determined to stick it in my mind so I’d remember it when I woke up. However, as soon as I became conscious, the song was lost, and the only thing I managed to retain was the title I had chosen; “Have Another Glass.” I assume I had been singing about stupid people who drink, because those who know me well know that I ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT HATE WITH A BURNING PASSION WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING drinking. It makes sense that I’d write such a song.

A long time ago, I had a dream that was a COMPLETE musical, with verses, choruses, music, characters, etc. Unfourtunately, this was not a lucid dream and had no idea that I wouldn’t be able to record any of this. I hope, though I don’t have faith in the idea, that sometime in my lifetime, they will invent a device that will record the video and audio of one’s dreams. Imagine the movies, musicals, works of literature, art, and anything else you could think of that could be conjured up thanks to this device. However, it’s an unrealistic dream… just as unrealistic as the one I had about the artichoke that sprouted legs and ran off my counter for me to chase.

Anyway, I’ve wasted enough time talking about dreams again, which seems to be a popular subject of mine. I’m just so interested in dreaming. Anhooziwatzit, I’m gonna go illistrate page 20 of chapter 3 of my ZADR comic.

Before I go, ZADR is an acronym that stands for “Zim and Dib romance.” It’s basically Invader Zim Yaoi, and Jhonen Vasquez HATES it. If you hate the idea of ZADR too, move on with your life and don’t read the next sentence. If you DO like ZADR and want to read my surprisingly popular comic, here is the link to page 1 of chapter 1: http://reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com/gallery/36623658?offset=48#/d4x1lvy

It’s so popular, I’ve even had a few Anti-ZADRs tell me they like it. THAT means a lot to me, for them to commit to something they hate. Just like I hate the band The Used, but I like the song “Taste of Ink,” or the fact that I hate Avril Lavine, but I like the song that was used for the ending credits song to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland titled “Alice.”

Anyway, I’m going back to my world of ZADR comic writing and listening to Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events on audiotape. Bye-bee!

T-Shirt Shop and Other Stuff

Okay, it’s been awhile since I made a post, I know. I’ve been working forty hours a week, which I’m not really used to, because I averaged on twenty to thirty hours before we became short staffed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to get bigger paychecks, but I still would like free time. ~_~

Anyway, on Yotube and Deviant Art, I’ve been talking about t-shirts. Well, I made a few, and have a shop up for people who are interested. Do you consider yourself a Reitannite? Well, prove it! Buy a shirt! XD

SHOP: http://reitannaseishin.spreadshirt.com/

So here’s what available in the shop so far.

There is the “I am a Reitannite” shirt in BLACK. This shirt come in BLACK and WHITE only. The graphics are also available to be put on products. This one is meant to be place on a black background because the lines are white.

This is the WHITE one. Again, the graphic is also available to be put on other stuff, but it is meant to be put on something white.

The picture on the left only shows the first appearance of the “Cheese” shirt. I actually made it! The graphic is the cheese, and underneath, it says “Cheese.” The block of cheese is available to be used on other stuff if you want, but I pretty much just put it on a shirt.






I also made a design that was made specifically for my own personal shirt, which I now have in my posession:

So this is my design that I put on a pink shirt. If you ARE interested in this one, let me know. I will be able to customize the background of the box if you don’t want it blue, as well as the text color. I don’t expect people to want this one though.

I will be coming up with some other stuff in the future. I’m still new to this merchandise thing. It doesn’t help that, since my Youtube account got deleted a few months back, I’ve had to start over with subscribers, so I don’t have as many right now. I’ll work my way back up though. It’ll take time.

That’s all. 

Lady Gaga

I remember what feels like long ago, this pop singer rose up and became very popular, in both positive and negative connotation. I am not usually the type to like any new pop artists, and I hate rap or hip hop. But this woman looked so interesting. I was at the point in my life where i wanted to be strange. i wanted to wear bright colors and obnoxious accessories… actually, I’m still kind of like that. I think the first two songs from Lady Gaga I ever heard were, of course, “Just Dance,” and “Poker Face.” It was different from what I usually listen to, but I liked it. I found her music videos interesting as well, and I found she was a very cute girl. My friends, who were also fans, told me that she looked rather… well… like a man, and apparently sounded like a man before she got really popular. Well, I didn’t think she looked like a man at all. On the contrary, I thought she was hot. As for sounding like a man… I doubt it. Also, I’ve seen older pictures of Lady Gaga when she had dark hair, and she still didn’t look like a man. But after that, I started listening to her and very much enjoyed her first album, “The Fame.” She was so cutesy with her hair-bow and her extraordinary outfits. And I doubted that she had ever in her life had a penis, like the rumors had said. Of course, I said, “even if she did, she doesn’t now, and all that matters is who she is.” Her music reflects that. Yes, her songs were usually about drinking, partying, sex, and money, but not when you listened a little deeper. She’s a lyrical genius, not some dumb blonde that can shake what God gave her and expect to get everything in life. In fact… “The Fame” may have been some sort of test.

When “Fame Monster” came out, my excited best friend showed me the music video to “Bad Romance,” and I fell in love with it. I got the album, and not soon after did I see the music video for “Telephone,” which was also good. I noticed that Lady Gaga’s sound changed a little. She no longer sounded like a young girl who wanted to have fun and sported the catch phrase “cherry cherry boom boom.” She sounder more mature, her lyrics filled with much deeper meaning, and her old catch phrase dropped off the face of the Earth. We still loved her. But what was happening to make her change her sound? I mean, everyone “grows up” and matures, but was she really so immature when she did “The Fame?” No one will know unless they ask her in person.

I haven’t listened to “Born this Way” yet, but I just got it, so I will soon. I’ve noticed recent pictures of her and her style changing, and my best friend, Lauren, who showed me “Bad Romance” has lost interest in Lady Gaga… she feels that Lady Gaga has become too strange for her. I agree in a sense. Of course everyone has different opinions about her. People love her, people hate her, and people are so shocked by her sense of style and attitude, they don’t know where to go. Lets face it. She isn’t some celebrity bitch that we’re used to, wearing designer jeans and whining about cellulite, carrying a toy poodle and making sex tapes while they appear on VH1’s dumbest celebrity quotes for saying something so stupid, a monkey would know that it’s wrong. Believe it or not, Lady Gaga was more than likely an outcast in highschool, just like I was, and just like a lot of kids were and still are. I bet the bitchy popular girls who made fun of Lady Gaga are feeling sorry for themselves because she’s making money with her talents while they’re making near to nothing by whoring themselves out. And if you’ve ever heard Lady Gaga speak, you can tell she’s intelligent. Society is afraid of intelligence and individuality. That’s why I try to play a little dumb to customers at work, to please them instead of making them angry. Last time I tried to say something intelligent, I was treated very rudely. I can think, however, that as a makeup artist, I don’t think the “no eyebrows” look goes with Lady Gaga. But this is coming from a girl who has to draw her eyebrows on because she has none. At least Lady Gaga has the choice, because she has enough hair there to call eyebrows. I think she looks great with blonde hair and darker eyebrows because it frames her face well. But hell, she’s her own person, and I shouldn’t judge her personality because of her choice, because that’s what mankind has been doing for millions of years, and look where that’s got us; afraid to be ourselves.

No matter how strange Lady Gaga is or gets, I’ll stick by her… unless her music seriously goes to shit like Katy Perry. If you want a dumb slut, that’s her.

You may be wondering why I blogged about this… my feet hurt, I’m sleepy and hungry, and I needed to stray away from stressful or depressing topics. I needed to just be my random, irrelevant self.


I’m listening to “Born This Way” right now… and it’s amazing. She has this electronic take, and it’s very upbeat. I love it.