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Hey, What’s Up?

Okay, for awhile I was kinda like “herpa derpa” and I couldn’t figure out how the hell to edit this “About” page. I guess there’s still stuff on this site I need to play around with.

Anyway, you should probably already know about me, considering I wrote a shit ton (actual unit of measurement) in the “About Me” section… which is in my profile… which I can’t figure out how to view publicly. o_O I mean, you can go to www.youtube.com/experimentreiproject or www.reitanna-seishin.deviantart.com to really get into my head. I express a lot of my personality through my videos and art.

I can tell some stuff about me real quick-a-like though…

OBSESSIONS: Yaoi, ZADR, Japanese horror movies, j-pop, j-rock, Japanese culture in general, the k-pop group called 2NE1, powerpuff girls, powerpuff girls z, dragonball z, invader zim, death note, silent hill, devil may cry, slender man, adorable animals, pullips and taeyangs, cosplaying, wigs, color, scott pilgrim, donnie darko, super jail, team fortress 2, sonic the hedgehog, portal, xxxholic…….. just to name a few. Right now, the obsessions that are outruling all others is Vegeta, Yaoi involving Goku and Vegeta, and ZADR.

FAVORITE COLORS: pink, blue, and purple. Really, I like all colors, but those three are the top.

FAVORITE FOOD: “Quorn” brand meat substitute.

FAVORITE CANDY: White chocolate KitKat, bitch.




FAVORITE [insert subject here]: Vegeta

People/characters I would like to marry: Vegeta, Minzy, CL, Wade Barrett, CM Punk, the Miz, Vergil, Ramona Flowers, Miku, Miyavi, Nny, Toushirou Hitsugaya, Lady, AJ, Edge, and I know there is more, but I can’t think of any.

Did I mention I like Yaoi and ZADR? I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like Yaoi and ZADR.

So yea, I make videos and cartoons, and I write comics, stories, songs, blah blah blah bleh bleebidy bloo. For the sake of me not wanting to write things about me anymore, just go check out my links and fill your head with extensive knowlege of some little American girl that has nothing to do but eat, sleep, work, make videos, work, work, work, and work. Yea, have fun with that, and I look forward to seeing you around Youtube and DA.

To make things more simple, here’s an intro video:


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  1. Very interesting

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