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I discovered a regular thing I can do in my dreams, and since I mostly believe dreams have to do with the multiverse theory, I wanted to see if you guys wanted to try this, and if your results are the same.

This only works if you are mostly in control of the dream you’re having, meaning you are in complete control of your body, and you have some control over the environment. Find a large, completely blank white wall anywhere in your dream, but it works better if there are little to no projections (people in your dream) around. Walk up to it, but face away from it, and start pacing. You’ll want to pace perpendicular from it, and count each turn. On “ten,” you should be walking up to the wall, NOT away from it. You only have about a half a minute to do this next part.

Press the front of your body against the wall, your palms flat against it, close your eyes, and slowly, gently apply pressure. You’re trying to push yourself through it. It should give in like a wall of soft clay, and once you feel you’ve passed through it, you can open your eyes. If you look behind you, there is no wall, but the hole you just pushed through. It may or may not close up.

The rest of the area around you will be completely black, even the floor; it’ll look like you’re standing on nothing. When I first discovered this place, I thought it was bottomless, because I dropped a coin and it kept falling with no sound of it landing. I was afraid of it for a long time before a few projections showed me it was safe. Sometimes, when you go through the wall, you might feel a drop, as if the invisible floor of the blackness is a step down, but other times it’ll be a straight shot. I think it depends on where you enter.

If the hole behind you closes, it will be more difficult to return to your normal dream world. Don’t worry about that. Start walking in any direction (you can even walk behind the hole if it’s still open), and just keep walking until something happens. During your walk, it will be completely silent, and it might be kind of cold. By the way, if you want to take people with you, you must all enter through the same wall during the same thirty second interval. I’ve found that, if you enter at different intervals, you’ll enter at completely different areas, and it’s unlikely you’ll find each other.

What is this place? It’s a way to explore other universes… or at least one of the ways I’ve found. If you keep walking, eventually, the darkness will fade, and you will be in the middle of some random area in a different universe. You may or may not meet up with a different version of you. Be careful, because not all universes are… nice. I once entered a world where there were weird creatures that had uncontrollable sex drives… I was with two other people, and I was the only one who was able to run successfully without getting… assaulted. There was another weird sex one where… and I vomited… I encountered a family of a mother, father, and two very young children, a boy and a girl. I was first disgusted that the parents started having sex in front of their kids, but then their kids started getting involved with each other, and as I noped on out of there, I was pretty sure it was a family orgy. I was not okay with that.

There was a recent one where all of the people were short and adorable, short as in like three feet tall. They were all happy and easily frightened. The thing was, they were frightened of yelling, anger, and tall people, and as happy as they usually were, if someone yelled, was angry, or was tall, they’d know they weren’t from their world, and they’d kill them. Well, my friends and I were much taller, but were able to trick them by crawling on the ground… they weren’t that bright. It wasn’t easy to get out of there. I had another experience where a different version of myself had been captured and tortured by Annatier, and I had to fight her to free myself… confusing. I used a sword. Annatier’s fortress was guarded by her creatures.

The worst one I’ve visited twice now is one where everything is industrial, and everyone who is not the government is considered an experiment, whether mental or physical. The first time, a very drunk version of Erin has sold my rats to a gang of drifters, and they were trapped in a tennis ball container of all things. I had to try over and over again to save them, but it wasn’t easy because I had to navigate an impossible roller coaster of tracks that were broken in places. In my second visit, I had to run around a government facility to save my friends while pretending to be under the governments control. I freed some of them, but security was alerted, and we had to fight several… creatures… that took the shape of people we knew and trusted. I had a knife this time, and we all agreed not to attack anyone until they attacked first, but I panicked and accidentally stabbed a friend through the hand, and another in the leg. After that battle, we split up to find the others, but I was put in a difficult situation. The rest were held in the same prison that was a metal box with breathing holes, so I couldn’t see them. Some agents told me, “to let them out, you have to give yourself up. Otherwise, we will force feed them poison.” One of my friends said, “don’t worry about us, save yourself, we’re willing to die for you.” It made me feel like them being trapped was my fault, and I gave myself up. I was given a pill that knocked me out, and I woke up in a classroom to attend some mind control class. I resisted the mind control, but pretended it got to me, and was able to find my friends again and help them escape. I was captured again when we were trekking the sewers, and put back in class. The others escaped. As far as I know, I didn’t get out.

But I’ve found interesting universes that were nice. I landed in the middle of a market that had a sort of food garage sale. They were offering a variety of foods for a very small price, and food that was nearing expiration was free. In that world, the government required several communities to get together once or twice a week to get together their own food, go to the market, and do this so that those who could not afford to feed themselves very often could have a chance to get some “groceries” for the week. In our world, it would be chaos, and people would be pushing each other so that they could get food before anyone else, but this world was very polite, and everyone was kind to each other, so it was completely docile.

In another world, I was on a ship and made friends with a dolphin and sea pig… which was just a pig, but could breath under water. They both could talk. There was one that was all nature, no houses, and all the little creatures would say hello to me and watch me collect different shiny items I found in weird places. I asked them about the items, and they said I could collect as many as I wanted as long as I didn’t take any with me when I left their world. So I’d empty my pockets in a single area to show them I wasn’t stealing. Before I left, they started hiding them again… I guess it was fun for them.

There’s an area I find myself in often where there’s a game for couples. You had to go through a set of obstacles while singing the song it played, and posing in the right spot in various, fluffy lovebird poses. It was very mushy. But at the end, you’d come to a secret meadow the was cut off from the rest of the world for you and your lover to have a picnic and relax. No one else was allowed to go into the meadow until the game was played in reverse to get out.

I know there are more worlds, including one where I met a version of myself who loved to get drunk and party all night… but I don’t have time to explain them all. I’m sure you’re wondering how to get back to the world you started out in. Well, usually, even if the hole is still open, you can’t ever find it again. Like I said, don’t worry too much, because after you wake up, your next dream will start in a world outside of the black dimension. The only time you should worry is if you find yourself unable to escape from a scary universe. I usually try to scream to get myself to scream in real life and wake me up, but it never works. Try to wake your body up, if it doesn’t work, just keep running and trying to find a way out.

Another warning I have is, expect long walks. There was a time where I found a universe, but when I left, I didn’t find another one for the rest of my sleep, so I was just walking through blackness. Oh yeah, how do you leave the universes? Just like you left your first one; find a white wall, pace ten times, push through it.

Sometimes when you try to push through a wall, even the first one, it will remain solid. This might be because you did not pace ten times, you may’ve missed your interval to go through, or you haven’t relaxed and aren’t concentrating hard enough. It took me some practice, but I had some people in-dream to help me out.

If you manage to do this, please let me know how it goes, I’m very curious to see if others have the same experience.



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