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Baby Foxy?

Alright, I don’t have many Five Nights at Freddy’s dreams, but I sure had one last night!

So apparently, I lived in a world where Freddy Fazbear’s Entertainment really existed, and so did the animatronics. Since in real life I played the game, in the dream, I had worked in one of the facilities, having experienced the horrors of the animatronics myself. Then, somehow I went back in time… way back in time…

I don’t know what year it was, but at the facility, there was only Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, but other animatronics were in production. Nothing spooky had happened yet, or at least, nothing the public was aware of. Michael and I were walking around, and for some reason, we kept finding dolls of Futurama characters, which hadn’t even existed yet. He found one of Bender, and I went down a hall, explaining to him I had found one of Roberto. He was just outside the hall, so I said, “I found one of Roberto, but he was really damaged just like–”

I was about to say, “just like Foxy,” but instead, I let out a loud squeal. Just before I was about to finish my sentence, a three foot tall animatronic came waddling out of a back room, and it stared up at me. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING, and I recognized it immediately. It was Foxy, but he was a baby, as if the animatronics had a baby phase and actually grew up into adults. He was in perfect condition, looking brand new, and his form was very simple and chubby. The differences were, he didn’t have an eye patch or a hook, so it seemed as though he hadn’t originally been meant to be a pirate.

I died, of course, picking him up and hugging him, knowing full well who he was. When it comes to cute things, I really can’t help myself. He seemed to like the attention though, so he allowed me to carry him out of the hall. I showed him to Michael, who was like, “that thing almost killed you in our time, and you’re hugging it?!” I told him that Foxy was just an innocent baby, and maybe giving him some love would help his future self. Mike shrugged and wandered off somewhere.

I sat against the wall and played with baby Foxy, who took his stubby hands and started batting them on my face. He meant to be gentle, but he was made of metal, so it was more firm than it would be if he were a real fox. It didn’t hurt, but it did make me flinch. I started baby talking to him, and he spoke back. It was a like a child’s voice coming from an old radio, even worse quality than a Furby. I could still understand him though, and he said, “do you want to sing a song with me?” He was programmed to entertain children, so naturally, he was going to do that, even with an adult.

Two other animatronics came out, and they must’ve been rejects or something, because I had never seen them before. There was a big, fat hippo, and a small, but long and thin lizard. The hippo had bongos, and the lizard had an ukulele, so they started playing and singing, and Foxy hopped off my lap, faced me, and began to dance, singing as well. I was clapping along, enjoying the cute little fox’s performance, and eventually Fredbear came up to sing with them, though I’m not sure where Bonnie was.

After their song was done, I took Foxy’s little hands and danced with him a little more, but then Michael called out to me and told me to “come look at this.” I said to Foxy, “I’ll be right back, sweetie, don’t go anywhere, okay?” He looked extremely sad, but I gave him a hug and went to see what Mike was looking at.

I don’t think Fazbear’s Pizza was actually Fazbear’s pizza. It was more like an indoor playground, and so far, it didn’t seem too popular. There were paintings of cartoon versions of Fredbear and Bonnie, games, playground equipment, and a bookcase for adults to read while they supervise their kids. There weren’t many people in the building, so it was really quiet.

Mike led me to the bookcase and pointed to a book titled, The Joy of Creation, which is funny because, in the first game, Freddy says something really fast on the phone on night five, and you can hear him say “the joy of creation” in it. I opened the book and saw that it was about what inspired the creation of this entertainment center and the animatronics, as well as the work put behind it.

I came to a page that showed sketches of scrapped designs for animatronics. The hippo, Hippy, and the lizard, Zardo, were shown there, but there were a few more. However, baby Foxy was also there. I was shocked to see that Foxy was there, since I knew he is a character in the future. The page also explained that Foxy, Hippy, and Zardo were all built and programmed to simply test how the systems worked, but were not to be kept as characters. They were stowed in a back room after testing, but I guess they hadn’t been turned off… or they had been, and they turned themselves back on.

I didn’t blame them for scrapping Hippy and Zardo, because they were kind of lame, and Zardo wore a sombrero and spoke with a stereotypical Mexican accent, so I felt he might offend… then again, this was a different time period… but there was nothing wrong with baby Foxy. He was perfect in every way, so cute, friendly, funny, and docile.

I went back to find Foxy, and he came running up to me, hugging my leg. I picked him up and ventured to find the manager. When I found her, I explained that I had read about the scrapped animatronics in The Joy of Creation, and that I felt Foxy should stay on as a character. (While I was talking, Foxy was nuzzling my cheek, and he had the collar of my shirt clutched tightly in his hands.)

“The only reason we feel Foxy isn’t suitable is because he has problems getting attached to people,” said the manager. “I’m not sure how you found him, or turned him on, but we feel it’s best to keep him away from people.”

“I’ve spent lots of time with him today, and he seems to be fine,” I said. “Maybe if he gets a lot of attention, he’ll grow out of this ‘mommy phase.'”

“Well, we’ll see…” she replied, but didn’t seem too sure. Again, I took Foxy out to the main room to play. He preferred me to sit down so that he could be at eye level with me, and he spent a lot of time sitting on my lap while we spoke to each other. He started to call me “mama,” which I thought was cute, and at the time, was too blinded by this cuteness to see that there was indeed a problem. He would tell me all about how he loves to sing and dance, but he’s scared of Fredbear and Bonnie because they were so tall. He also told me he wants to eat Zardo, but his “wittle teef awr too smawl.”

After quite some time, Michael came back and said there was an emergency we needed to tend to somewhere else. I said I didn’t want to leave Foxy, but Mike told me we could come back later. I set Foxy down, and he looked even more anguished than before, and I could tell he didn’t want me to leave.

“I have to go for just a little bit, Foxy, okay? But I’ll be right back, I promise,” I said. Foxy just stared miserably at me, so I said again, “I promise, I’ll be right back. We’ll play again in no time, alright?” He nodded slowly, and Mike and I hurried out.

For the life of me, I don’t remember what was so important, but it took us much longer than I thought. The sun had gone down, and the sky was dark by the time I went back to the entertainment center without Michael, which stayed open until ten. It was completely empty, except for the employees and manager, but something was different. The paintings on the walls had changed. Instead of the characters smiling and looking happy, they looked enraged. I had a really bad feeling, so I ran around the place, calling out for Foxy.

Hippy and Zardo came out of nowhere and tried to attack me, but Hippy was too slow, and Zardo was too small to be any threat. I knew, however, that if I met Fredbear or Bonnie, I’d be in trouble. I came face to face with the manager, and I asked her where Foxy was.

“I’m not sure,” she said, “something must’ve upset him really bad, the animatronics are going haywire, and the paintings have changed! I don’t know what’s going on!”

“Um… I think this is my fault… I told him I’d be right back, but it took me longer than I thought, so he must think I lied…” I mumbled.

“I told you! He has problems with getting too attached! He thinks you’re his mother or something!” she yelled angrily at me. I felt even more guilty, and rushed away, continuing to call out Foxy’s name. He finally crawled out from under a table, and I knelt down, holding my arms out. The look he was giving me was of pure hatred, and my heart broke when I saw it.

“I’m sorry I took so long, but look! I’m back, just like I promised!” This didn’t seem to make him feel better, and I knew his trust in me had been broken. He actually hissed at me, and both Fredbear and Bonnie burst into the room, heading toward me alarmingly fast. They were like eight feet tall, and their eyes were just as murderous as Foxy’s. Having been through this before, I screamed and ran back to the entrance. When I was outside, the two enormous animatronics were still hell bent on chasing me down, wanting to punish me for hurting baby Foxy, so I had to continue to run.

I ended up bumping into this young man, just a little younger than me, and he saw what was chasing me. He grabbed me, and we got into this weird go-kart he owned, and I knew it probably wasn’t street legal. It had been rigged up so that, not only was it really fast, but it was also armored to protect the riders inside. We drove away as fast as we could, and I mentioned to him that I was terrified of riding in cars, but he said I’d have to deal if we wanted to get away from those things. He introduced himself as Lucas.

The car was surprisingly swift and fluid, but I still scared me, and I expected to be chased down by cops at any moment. Just then, we saw a delivery truck with the Fredbear logo on it, and Lucas was unable to avoid it, so we crashed. We were so strong of a car, it tipped the truck over and broke the back open. I got out, and froze in fear, seeing the animatronics of Chica, Bonnie, Freddy, Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Toy Freddy stand up, having been lying on the ground from the crash. They all stared at me, a horrible, evil look in their eyes, and I thought they too were going to attack me, but then they turned away and started walking in the direction of the entertainment center. Apparently they were being delivered, but since the truck crashed, they had to get there on their own.

Lucas took me to his friend’s house to try and figure out a way to get me home, and all the while, I just sat on the couch and thought. I came to the conclusion that I had caused the animatronics to go crazy. I made it so Foxy had trouble trusting people, developing abandonment issues. (Of course, this is nowhere near the actual explanation in the real games.) The other animatronics became protective over Foxy, even as he grew up. Freddy, becoming the leader after Fredbear, would be responsible for wanting the staff to keep Foxy as a character, so they redesigned him as a pirate. Interaction with children in Pirate Cove caused him to feel pain, remembering how his “mother” betrayed him, which caused the bite of 87. It was my fault, and If I hadn’t shown baby Foxy love, the whole thing in the future would’ve never happened.

I felt awful, wishing there was a way to fix what I had done, but I had to find a way to get back to Michael so we could return to our own time. (Why we went back in time in the first place, I have no idea.) Lucas started to like me, so he kept making excuses not to let me go, but I told him he and I wouldn’t work out because I was with Mike, and we planned to get married in a few years. I told Lucas that he was sweet and attractive, but I loved Michael, and nothing would change that. He eventually admitted defeat.

On the way to trying to reunite me with Mike, we came by this gang that had both boys and girls in it, and we started to get in a fight. Lucas took down some guys, but I managed to fuck up this red headed girl so bad, none of the other girls wanted a piece of me, seeing as how I didn’t have a scratch on me. This impressed all of the guys in the gang, so they let us go.

I woke up before I had a chance to see Mike again, but it’s okay, because it was the real Mike that woke me up! Here’s what baby Foxy looked like:

baby foxy


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