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“Impossible” Dreams

They say you can’t do certain things in dreams; feel pain, taste food, read text, see your hands, or die. However, I’m sure I’m not the only one in the world that has experienced all of these things while sleeping.

A few nights ago, I had a dream that I was being tortured, which is one of my greatest fears. I had people drilling into the middle of each of my teeth, they slit my fingers, and even opened my chest. Now, if this were happening in real life, the pain would be unbearable, but in the dream, it was just sharp pains, though I was screaming like I would if it were agonizing. Then, night before last, I had a dream where I was bitten by a snake with long fangs, a giant spider, and stung by a scorpion. The level of pain was more realistic this time. It was sharp, hot, and after the bites and sting, there was a dull ache in the spots where it happened.

I’ve had dreams were I’m in a maze full of different desserts. These are lovely! So many cakes, pastries, pies, EVERYTHING! And I could taste all of it, though they weren’t as sweet as the real thing. I remember waking up from these dreams and feeling severely disappointed that I hadn’t actually been eating sweets.

The reading text and seeing your hands thing really confuses me. Supposedly, if there are words in your dream, they will be blurry and unreadable. Also, if you try to look at your own hands, they too will be blurry and misshapen. Despite this “fact,” I have read text on cell phones, computers, books, and signs in my dreams on a number of occasions. I have even been able to clearly see my own hands.

Lastly, “if you die in your dream, you die in real life.” I usually wake up before I die in dreams out of sheer fright or shock. There was one where I found myself unable to breathe, and when I woke up, I was gasping for air. Turns out, I had been holding my breath for a few seconds before I woke up. That was scary. However, despite me waking up before I die in most dreams, I have died before. The only two instances I can remember was drowning in the ocean, and dying in a car crash.

When I was younger, I almost drowned while swimming in the ocean, and this was the start of my fear of bodies of water. Rain and showers are no problem because they are not actual bodies. I think my dream was forcing me to remember that experience, except, due to my fear, I actually drowned. I was in the middle of the ocean, no land to be seen, and clinging desperately to a pool floatie. For no reason at all, my hands slipped from the floatie, and I fell beneath the water. It was so dark and cold, and I couldn’t breathe. My vision faded to black for a good three seconds before it switched to a completely unrelated dream about sofas.

After being in my first car crash at the beginning of July, I’ve been terrified of vehicles, mostly when I’m in one, no matter how good the driver is. I’ve also been having way too many dreams about being in crashes, and I’ve died in one of these dreams. It was horrible, in the same car, we hit like twenty different vehicles, each getting worse as we went. After each hit, we lost more control of the car, and eventually, we had a front collision with a tree. I staggered out of the car and fell to the forest floor… we somehow made it to the forest… but it was way more foggy than it had been before. The couple that had been driving came out too, bloody and injured, and they checked the back seat where I had been riding. I saw my own body, broken and covered in blood, and I was not moving. I felt my own head where most of the blood on my corpse had been coming from, and looking at my hand, saw a large amount of blood. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I turned to see Death, wearing the stereotypical black robe and holding a scythe. He did not speak, but gestured for me to follow him. Then the dream switched to something about the Simpsons…

I have not done extensive research on dreams, so I am far from an expert. Everything I say now is all just guess work.

In the dreams where I died, what I think happened was my subconscious was bringing back experiences that affected me so strongly, it caused fear of the thing I could’ve died from. I’ve had dreams that introduce other fears as well, mainly sticking with the emotional approach by showing Erin, having me experience myself without my medication, or showing me “Bad” Michael. “Bad” Michael is the version of my boyfriend that I always feared he would be, but isn’t. He’s insensitive, abusive, only wants me for sex, and practically hates me, but when I wake up and look into the real Michael’s eyes, I know that he is the true one, and that I don’t have to worry.

As for the other “impossible” things, I think our brains are trying to base feeling pain, tasting food, reading text, and seeing our hands from our own memories. We know what it’s like to experience pain and taste, and we know what words and our hands look like. For me, the words and hands are extremely clear, but the pain and taste aren’t usually as extreme as it would be in real life. It’s like your brain is making imperfect clones of your memories, and trying to incorporate them into dream places you’ve never been before.

But sometimes… sometimes… I fling myself off of the edge of something in my dream… only to awake and find myself on the floor and in pain. XD

What kind of “impossible” dreams have you had? Do you experience pain? Have you ever died? Feel free to share your experiences!


Comments on: "“Impossible” Dreams" (4)

  1. Love your blog, specially the dream posts. As a fan of my own dreams I hace been recently trying to keep a diary, but recently it has been very difficult to remember. Before, when I was in highschool, I used to recall them more vividly.

    I have one proof for the “death” premise: when I was 15 I dreamt I had to take care of my sister and cousin. I told them not to go outside but they disobeyed me. When I was looking for them outside, in the parking lot, a man was threatening them and grabbing them. I step in and fought a little but he had a gun. Suddenly we were surrounded by police. It was really tense, he had the gun pointing to my head and telling them he was gonna kill me if they didn´t let him go. The police was reckless, and I still remember when the bullet got out of the gun and hit me in the head. There was a brief moment of blindness and I woke up. I know it “killed” me, there was no way the police could have stopped him, and I felt it, though not really that strong. When I woke I started crying but, hey, I was alive. So… not true haha.

    Thanks for this amazing blog 🙂

  2. hogan mccale said:

    i had a dream like this like i felt pain in dream around my neck but it was more sore than sharp pain like someone biting hard on my neck but all around it felt pain then at the same time it didn’t

  3. Least it wasn’t as bad as the last one you shared. I’ve had those “Drowning then waking up holding my breath” dreams. They can be kind of scary. I’m pretty sure the dreams you talked about aren’t “impossible” more like “improbable”.
    P.s thank you for posting this, distracted me from my anxiety, carry on now.

  4. Your dreams sound really intense and scary. As an outsider not knowing all your circumstances it seems that you have to deal with your fears. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have more to come.

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