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I just recently watched a video on ten laws in the USA that no one follows, and one of them was jaywalking, which was the only one on the list that I myself do indeed follow. So I commented on the video explaining that I don’t jaywalk, but that’s not to say I haven’t jaywalked because I used to have friends in high school that were not quite as rule abiding as me, and due to peer pressure, I have jaywalked in my life very few times. (I had to jaywalk last night when walking outside with my boyfriend at twelve o’clock at night because there was a really creepy dude in front of us, but that’s way different.)

There was no harm intended in the comment… in fact, it was simply stating that all of the “friends” who frequently jaywalked never followed any rules, never finished high school, and never did anything with their life. The point of the comment was saying that I was always the good kid in my group of bad friends.


I had to remove the comment from the video because I was getting so much hate. And for what? For being a good kid? I’ve never done drugs, never drank, never stolen, and never cheated, and I’m the bad person? Am I not allowed to express my opinion because I’m a good person? Is it wrong that I happen to care about my own fucking morals? Is it wrong to even have morals? What the fuck has this stupid world come to? Where someone can’t even express that they follow ONE FUCKING LAW out of a list of ten that no one else follows because they will get the rest of the internet HATING on them? I am SOOO fucking sorry that I’m not the crack smoking, vodka drinking, gun wielding badass that you need to be in order to have any sort of value in this world.

I fucking hate people. I wish I ruled the world, I really did, because then we wouldn’t have so many FUCKING IDIOTS. I shouldn’t have to be afraid of commenting on videos, I shouldn’t be afraid of being judged, and I shouldn’t have to REMOVE the comment just because people are disgusting drug users who need to be erased from this already disgusting, dishonest world. And people wonder why I want to kill myself! BECAUSE OF THIS SHIT! Because every single fucking piece of human shit is just another EYESORE on this fucking planet!

You know, it took me a year to get the courage to comment on other people’s videos again… maybe I made a fucking mistake. Here’s a lesson to all of you: don’t have an opinion, because if you do, you’ll be hated. Don’t speak your mind, don’t tell the truth, don’t be a good person. If you’re a good person, you might as well hide like I have for two years being stuck in my goddamn house with agoraphobia because you know what? People are shit. People are going to hate you, they are going to bully you, and they are going to tell you that you are worthless and should kill yourself. Why? For being smart. For being honest. For being nice.

I would not be upset if every human on the planet dropped dead RIGHT now. If there’s a god, he fucked up making us. We’re bad, and he should feel bad. I HATE THIS WORLD.


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