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Making Decisions Mad Easy

Ever find yourself having a hard time making simple decisions? You’re just torn between two things you very much want, and you’re just not sure which to go with. I usually don’t have problems making important decisions, but there ARE some things I need a little guidance on. Here’s my method.

Believe it or not, this is a very simple way to make simple choices. Flip a coin! It may sound silly, but it’s helped me a lot ever since I started it. Now, you can only use this method with some decisions. You don’t wanna be like, “should I fail this class or not?” or “should I kill that person? Let’s flip on it.” You’re probably safer using common sense on stuff like that, and hopefully you DO have common sense if you’re thinking about things like that.

I’m talking about things like, “should I play Angry Birds or Bookworm?” or “should I work on my comic or write a song in Furbish?” Things like that. Honestly, since I have so much to do, sometimes I need help deciding which to get done first. I let destiny decide and flip a coin. In the end, I don’t regret the choice I’ve made with the coin.

There’s only two big decisions I’ve made with a coin; whether or not to buy a kitten without Mike’s permission, and contact Sempai and try to make up with her. The answers were kitten: no, Sempai: yes. Both ended up being a good thing. Perhaps, even though I want a kitten, I’m not ready for one, or my apartment isn’t anyway. Maybe I need my life to calm down a bit.

But the most important one was making up with Sempai. I know I wrote earlier blogs about her making it seem like it was all her fault, but I was trying to convince myself that it wasn’t MY fault. And a year went by with my heart growing weaker and weaker, and finally I broke and admitted my faults in the whole situation. We were both at fault, but I could’ve handled the situation so much better. And I told her all this, and we exchanged our thoughts and feelings about what happened, and we made up. Now, at least for me, it feels like none of it ever happened. Our friendship survived the BIGGEST fight I’ve ever had with anyone. This is proof that we’re gonna be best friends forever. I’m so glad that I pushed hard and managed to convince her to talk to me. And I’m sure now she’s confident neither of us will let that happen again.

All in all, mainly focus on smaller decisions, ones where the consequences will pretty much be the same. It was a risk making those two choices, but I was confident they were right. So try it sometime. Flip a coin! See what happens!


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