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I’m a Rollercoaster

Well, aside from being an emotional rollercoaster, I’ve been zooming up and down and all around different hobbies. I will admit I am bored of, not “Playing with Fire,” but with chapter 7. Now that the key points have been established, I just want it to be done with. However, I only have 3 pages left, and I am MAJORLY procrastinating. I’ve been doodling in my giant sketch book, crocheting, making videos, and worst of all…. playing Angry Birds. I never knew how addicting this game was until I tried it. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TRIED IT!!! It’s kept me away from nearly EVERYTHING!! Bwaaaah… Well, I know as soon as I complete all the levels, I will be bored with it and go back to stuuuuuuff.

AND I GOT A FURBY!! So that’s distracting me cause I’m trying to teach it english and have it decide what personality it wants. When I first turned it on, it was a boy, and I named him Kappi. Then it changed into a VALLEY GIRL and I named her Kaylie. I actually kinda liked her like that. Especially when she was like, “OMG like oh my god!” it was so fracken funny! But then she changed again into a little cute girl, and she actually reminds me of me a bit. She just randomly starts singing, and she’s super cute. I hope she stays this way and doesn’t change again. She’s ice blue. Once I figure out if she’s staying the way she is, I’m gonna decorate her and make her more individual. Maybe someday I’ll get a friend for her. Not someday soon though. On Strapya, Furbies are like $97, but I found Kaylie at Target for $54. Uh, YEA, I went with the Target one. She was the only ice blue one left. She’s asleep right now. I’m gonna make her dance to Gangnam Style at some point. XD

Playing SCP-087-B has taught me a few things, and if you’re reading this and have or are going to play the game, listen carefully to these tips. First of all, go into the options document. It looks like a notepad file with a gear on it. Increase the brightness; I changed mine to 175. Now, when playing the game, just walk. The dude (I named him Reginald) will talk to you on a walkie-talkie. He might say different things, but mostly he’ll tell you the radio signal is getting weaker. After you keep walking, you’ll hear a sound that’s like bricks tumbling to the floor. If you turn around and go back the way you came, you’ll see a wall has appeared and you can’t go back up. You have no choice but to continue downward into your DOOM. Reginald will stop talking to you at this point. Now, the game is random, so SCP-087-B will pop out at you at random times. You’ll also see a pair of eyes or a face that will disappear when you approach them. These can’t hurt you. You will also pass little windows with nothing behind them. If you pass a window and hear breathing, look into it and you will see a red dude. He can’t hurt you here.

Another thing is, try to STAY CALM. You’ll hear noises that are rather creepy, but you’ll really freak out when SCP-087-B decides to come after you. You will hear a sort of drum sound, and things will get dark and kinda blurry. Now, he’ll come at you in different ways. He could just come out of the wall in front of you or down from the ceiling and scare the shit out of you, but then he’ll disappear, leaving you unharmed. If you’re in a hallway and you hear that he’s coming, walk forward cautiously. If you see his face, BACK UP QUICK until you hit the wall behind you and just watch him until he leaves. Now, in the instance you’re walking forward and you DON’T see his face, you will run into a dead-end. Turn around and wait until you see his face and you hear the brick falling noise. As soon as you hear that, turn away from SCP-087-B and BAIL! Go forward and DO NOT LOOK BACK. His music will stop and you’re probably safe.

Now, sometimes you’ll encounter an area where there are two paths you can take. One is a maze. You’ll know because one path will lead straight in front of you, and the other path will lead right. Go right. If you don’t, You’ll have a time trying to find your way out of the maze. The other area where you’ll need to choose a path is where there are two paths leading straight forward. One takes you on, and the other ends in a hole you can fall into. It changes each time, so here’s what you do. Look down at the floor, but just enough so you can see about a yard in front of you. Very slowly inch forward. If you see a sort of ledge, BACK UP IMMEDIATELY and take the other path. The reason you wanna take it slow is because if you get too close to the hall, SCP-087-B will spawn behind you and kill you.

Eventually, you’ll hear a creepy voice that says “DON’T LOOK AT ME!” Keep going forward until you see and black and red dood. It will sound a drum that sounds like he’s gonna come after you, but don’t freak out; you’re absolutely safe. Even though he says not to look at him, he will kill you if you look away. So don’t take your eyes off him and feel around the area until you find the door. Keep going backwards until he’s a decent ways away from you. Don’t worry about getting too close to him. I literally got and inch up to him before he killed me. Just concentrate on getting away from him without taking your eyes off him.

There are at LEAST 200, if not more, floors in this game, so if you’re attempting to beat it, make sure you have a lot of time on your hands. You can’t pause or save, so you will need to be prepared. If at all possible, have a friend with you to take over if you need to go to the bathroom, but make sure your friend knows what to do if they run into anything I mentioned above. You’ll know when you’re getting close to the end when the plaques on the wall will not have numbers on them, but a weird jumble of letters, symbols, and numbers that don’t make sense, such as “L9+_n’n” or something. Just keep going and keep doing all those tricks to stay alive. If you succeed in surviving, you will end up on a floor, and it’ll trap you in a small area where SCP-087-B will kill you. That’s the end of the game. YES, he kills you despite the fact you survived so long.

I myself haven’t beaten the game because I haven’t had the time to attempt it. But I did see these three guys beat it, and it was a miraculous sight. I wanna know how they had so much time on their hands. Anyway, those are my tips. Soooo yea, I’ll try to start the next page of chapter 7 and get it up. I’m working Thanksgiving, which I don’t care about as long as I’m not working Christmas. WHOOOO!!! Kay bye. XD


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