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Okay, it’s been awhile since I made a post, I know. I’ve been working forty hours a week, which I’m not really used to, because I averaged on twenty to thirty hours before we became short staffed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to get bigger paychecks, but I still would like free time. ~_~

Anyway, on Yotube and Deviant Art, I’ve been talking about t-shirts. Well, I made a few, and have a shop up for people who are interested. Do you consider yourself a Reitannite? Well, prove it! Buy a shirt! XD

SHOP: http://reitannaseishin.spreadshirt.com/

So here’s what available in the shop so far.

There is the “I am a Reitannite” shirt in BLACK. This shirt come in BLACK and WHITE only. The graphics are also available to be put on products. This one is meant to be place on a black background because the lines are white.

This is the WHITE one. Again, the graphic is also available to be put on other stuff, but it is meant to be put on something white.

The picture on the left only shows the first appearance of the “Cheese” shirt. I actually made it! The graphic is the cheese, and underneath, it says “Cheese.” The block of cheese is available to be used on other stuff if you want, but I pretty much just put it on a shirt.






I also made a design that was made specifically for my own personal shirt, which I now have in my posession:

So this is my design that I put on a pink shirt. If you ARE interested in this one, let me know. I will be able to customize the background of the box if you don’t want it blue, as well as the text color. I don’t expect people to want this one though.

I will be coming up with some other stuff in the future. I’m still new to this merchandise thing. It doesn’t help that, since my Youtube account got deleted a few months back, I’ve had to start over with subscribers, so I don’t have as many right now. I’ll work my way back up though. It’ll take time.

That’s all. 


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