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GRRR!!! Whenever I say, “oh, that’s never gonna happen to me,” it eventuall happens. So I get a phone call yesterday saying there was some suspicious purchases from my debit card. Oh yes, I was thrilled. Turns out, some bastard somehow got ahold of my debit card number and used it in three different transactions at a gas station, consisting of only $1.00 each. They’re all like, “were these your purchases?” and I was like, “no, I don’t even have a car.” They’re like, “oh dear…” I told them I have my card on me at all times, and you know, it’s sitting here RIGHT in front of me as I type this. They said they have no idea how they may’ve gotten my card info, but they said that means someone is running around with a fake card with my number. Dunno how it happened. They could’ve just pulled a random number out of their ass. I use PayPal, which is supposed to be secure, and I wanna hope it wasn’t from there that they got it. Either way, I closed my account and got a new one, which I will use when the bank sends me a new debit card. But it’s like… why? Why are some humans like this? Greedy, thieving bastards that have no life of their own, can’t hold down a job because they’re pathetic lazy pigs, and they feel the need to steal from innocent people. Oh, if only I was able to hunt this person down, I would kick his ass and make him think twice about stealing other people’s money in the future. Yes, it was only $3.00, but it could’ve been more. I wanna take people who steal, whether it’s money, jewlery, or even a simple toy or candy bar, and throw them into a windowless room together locked behind a 3 foot thick steel door until they go mad. I have NO TOLERANCE for people who are that stupid. I find out one of my friends stole something, I’d turn them in in a heartbeat, and then I’d drop them like a lead balloon. It’s as bad as lying. I don’t take well to people who lie either. Ooooh, I’m so angry. I can’t even buy anything until monday when i go to my bank to take out a little cash, and I usually have to buy a water at work every day, or sometimes a snack. And then, if something’s on sale, I’ll pick that up too. Water is the most important thing though, cause I get dehydrated easily.

My manager says I should open a second account linked to my main bank account to use strictly for online purchases, and only put in enough money to buy what I need, so that if someone gains access to it, there will be no money to take. She said I could also set it so it’s not allowed to go in the negative, so it should be declined if there’s nothing there to take. Monday, I’ll talk to the people at my bank about, who are always really helpful and nice. I chose a good bank.



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