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Another Post About Dreams

Okay, so this time, I wanna ask you… have you ever had a dream about a place that you’ve never seen before, and then MONTHS later see that very place in a movie you’ve never seen, or visit a place that looks almost exactly like it, though it’s your first time going? This rarely happens to me, but yesterday I was watching a Japanese horror movie called “Goth,” and there was a scene where a girl was walking her dog. The dog ran off, barking, and the girl chased after it into a warehouse type looking place, all messy, dark, and filled with metal and concrete. Then, the dog lead her upstairs, and that’s where I went, “no way.” There were about three flights of stairs, and they were the exact stairs i saw in a dream a few weeks to a month ago. I hadn’t thought about that dream since I had it, and I can barely even remember it. the only thing I remember is that there were a few people other than myself that I don’t even recognize in reality. I don’t remember what we were doing… but I do very much remember all three flights of stairs that looked exactly like the ones in the movie. Coincidental? Maybe. I’ll never know. Was it pretty damn cool? Hell yea.

So yea, just thought that was some interesting… would it count as deja vu? Dunno. But it was neat.


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  1. Corey Wright said:

    I think that that is pretty cool. ^___^

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