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Alright, so I remember quite a bit of this, but I am very confused. So here it goes. It starts out as a nightmare, sorta. I guess Lauren had died. I don’t know how, I think she got in an accident. Even though we hadn’t been talking, I was extremely upset. The hurt was so intense, I didn’t even know what to say to anyone. Mel, Sonni, and Tory were there, and I guess we got Taco Bell. o_O Without thinking, I ordered a Dr. Pepper. After having a few sips, I go, “crap, I can’t have Dr. Pepper. Who wants this?” The mood of the dream began to change. Even though I was distraught over the loss of my best friend, we somehow find it possible to still laugh and have fun.

Then, it was nightime, and I felt like I was in a horror survival video game, and I was running. I wasn’t scared, more like determined to get to my destination. There were these creatures that were howling and screaming through the night, but they were only like a foot tall. They looked like naked, scaley human lizard hybrids. Suddenly, I was right outside the door I was supposed to go into, and there were like a hundred of them, but I couldn’t fight them all off. The door opens and a GIANT version of one of these creatures grabs me and pulls me in. So I lost a life, and I said to myself, “maybe I should’ve got into a truck and ran over them instead of just jumping in there. Now the video game feeling was gone, and I think we were staying in a hotel room, like the one we did in San Fran, but it was bigger, more like an apartment. XD I was in another room, which actually looked like the bedroom in my own apartment, and I was trying to figure out what I was gonna wear. I have a lot of clothing dreams, where I am choosing REALLY cute clothes, and then I wake up and go, “aw man,” cause I don’t actually own the clothes I saw. XD So, I don’t remember if the people in the room were still Mel, Sonni, and Tory cause I couldn’t see them in detail, and I don’t know why. But there was one more person there, and, what do you know, it was Vegeta! If I had a dollar for every dream that had Goku and/or Vegeta in it… >_<

I don’t know why Vegeta was there, but it seemed it was normal, like we hang out with him regularly. Of course, he didn’t speak much, and had his usual surly attitude. I was fascinated with him, like I usually am when I watch him in Dragonball Z or see pictures of him. (Yes, I practically am in love with this cartoon caracter XD). So, he’s laying on the bed while we’re all doing our own thing, and I keep stealing glances at him. After awhile, he gets up without a word and left to go outside. He had a small dagger in his back pocket. After he left, I actually said, “man, I want him.” One of the people I couldn’t see the detail of, but was a girl, said, “yea, but I don’t like how he had a knife in his back pocket. Is he gonna kill someone?” And I said, “he’s a Saiyan. Even if he DID want to kill someone, he wouldn’t use a knife, he’d just blast them. Besides, he’s a good guy now. The knife must be for something else.” Another one of the girls said, “I wonder if he’s gone to see Bulma.” What that had to do with anything, I have no idea.

And then I woke up. It was a sad, disturbing, and yet hilarious and wonderful dream. I guess I had all my feelings bunched up into one seemingly short dream that I know lasted the whole night. XD Of course, I’ve been drawing Goku and Vegeta, so that would be where he came from. Anyway, just thought I’d share that. I’m gonna continue drawing now.


Comments on: "WEIRD Jumbled Dream Last Night" (1)

  1. Corey Wright said:

    Interesting… It’s cool how so many different emotions were all wrapped into one dream. Thank you for sharing. ^___^ God bless! ^___^

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