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Call me old fashion, or whatever other term you can think of. I feel like there are certain things about a woman or what a woman does that men should never see. Of course, sometimes they see it anyway, and some say they don’t care, which is probably true….

The first and most important, and I’m sure all men will agree on this… unless they have some sort of sick fetish…. is a woman’s period blood. Alright, get it all out of your system, I know it’s disgusting. I have a blood fetish, but the two kinds of blood I don’t like are period blood and nose blood, frankly because both hurt, one has snot in it, and the other has uterus tissue in it. >_< ANYWAY. Remember the stupid girl I always talk about? (If you hate someone, it just means they’re always on your mind, I know that’s true.) Another disgusting thing she would do is try to roll her pads in the pad’s wrapping. Girls, if you do this, stop now. It’s gross. Basically it shows whoever enters your bathroom your smelly crotch blood, and it also shows you have no shame. No one wants to see the most disgusting aspect of a woman, not even other women. Women feel disgusted with themselves during that time of the month. AND SO WOULD YOU MEN if you were bleeding uncontrollably out of your ass for a full week, sometimes less or more. Yes, we’re hard to handle with our PMS, our unreasonable sadness, and our outrageous temper. But the bleeding aspect… just… ugh. I would rather transform into a male for a week every month than bleed. That would also mean I’d probably transform into Koda. XD Anyway, girls, what you should always do with your pads is roll them in a good amount of toilet paper. Yes, we all know what it is, but at least no one has to see the blood! Be reasonable.

Another thing is, a real woman REALLY cares about the appearance of her skin. Personally, I go pretty far. I’m only twenty, and usually when I take a shower, I cleanse my face, put on a scrub, and cleanse with a DIFFERENT cleanser, then get out, put on firming lotion, eye firming lotion, and astringent. Sometimes I’ll also put benzoyl peroxide on my facial imperfections, or a peel off mask that is left on for five minutes. Now… men should never see us do this. We look ugly and ridiculous with stuff on our face, and frankly… silly. We look silly. Yes, men will say they don’t care, but I’m sure some part of them do… I mean, I don’t even like seeing myself with that crap on my face, but I don’t have a choice.

Another thing is shaving. It’s bad enough if we let our legs get hairy because we’re lazy, or it’s winter and we only wear pants because it’s cold, but they really don’t need to see us shave. That’s all about that.

Recently, I’ve gotten over having people see me put on makeup. We actually look kind of cute putting on makeup.

Well, that’s really all I have to say about that.

“Then I suggest you watch me make snow angels.” – CM Punk (Raw 6-21-11)


Comments on: "What a Man Should Never See" (14)

  1. Armando Dross said:

    firming lotion is great because it helps in the overall of your skin. i prefer to use those that have topical vitamins in them. ^

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  2. Something Silent said:

    I guess the question now is: how did we get that way in the first place? Right?

  3. Something Silent said:

    I definitely agree on your period/nose blood opinion. Not just because they hurt though, they’re also really, REALLY unsanitary. I too have a blood fetish that a friend of mine (we parted ways three Januaries ago *sad face*) helped me to realize and explore a little, and even I get grossed out by those two… instances.

    Men should see their partners’ tears though, no matter how tough the partner is. That goes for gay, bisexual, and straight men, as well as lesbian, bisexual, and straight women. One, it reminds them that who they are with is indeed fragile and needs their loving embrace. Two, it gives the partner a chance to prove they can give that loving embrace and warmness of the soul. And three, when they are happy tears, let’s face it… it’s adorable.

    On an unrelated note, Reitanna… I haven’t spoken to you in forever, chances are you forgot who I am. It took a bit of searching but I wanted to say hello! We went to high school together a few years back, and don’t worry I’m not some creepy stalker (Although this post makes me seem like one). Email me some time: KelesenK@gmail.com.


    • it’s hard not to cry to your partner sometimes. i don’t really have a problem with crying. it shows you’re actually human instead of some kind of mindless cyborg. XD

      • Something Silent said:

        But it can also be ridiculously hard to actually break down in front of your partner. Especially when you’re such a strong-willed person to begin with, you may not want them to see the weak side of you.

      • i feel weak when i break down in front of them, but they know DAMN well that i need to cry because i have this habit of building it up and it keeps eating away at me and actually get sick. sometimes it’s healthy to cry, and if your partner is a GOOD partner, they will comfort you.

      • Something Silent said:

        That’s true in any relationship. I know women naturally comfort their partner, regardless of gender. I’m irritated by all the men who were either raised wrong or are just plain insensitive and refuse to comfort their partner. I’m on the unfortunate end of the gender spectrum and it takes a lot of trust for a lady to break down and cry on my shoulder 😦

        I just wish that everyone could just be understanding… life would be so much better.

      • media and innapropriate upbringing is slowly creating a world filled with people who are afraid to express their thoughts or feelings. in highschool, my world literature teacher brought up a good point when we read “1986.” he said, “we’re all ready closer to an anti-utopian society, this ‘perfect world’ that is expressed in these kinds of books. their society frowns upon, and sometimes punishes those who think freely. if you think, you are a criminal. if you express individuality, you are a threat. you must believe 2+2=5, or else you will be deleted from existance. we are already heading towards that type of society. i’ve seen it with this class. i ask you a question that i know for sure all of you know the answer to, and only few of you are brave enough to raise your hands to answer. you’re afraid of speaking out because that’s how you’ve been conditioned to think. for your whole life, all you’ve known is, if you say what you think, everyone else will hate you. unfortunately, only few people in the world realize this. and we’ll be the ones who will fall when we finally become a ‘perfect world.'” he was my favorite teacher, an absolute genius.

      • Something Silent said:

        Isn’t that the truth…

        I’m becoming so fed-up with humanity. Everyone is putting so much faith in science and that’s just killing every ideal and moral out there! The media is a whole other story altogether. They put too much emphasis on murders, rapes, drug abuse, and other vile stories, when they should instead direct the air-time toward more positive things like a baby being born after a severe hardship with the mother or a child winning some contest and putting all the earnings toward a “saving-the-earth” type of charity.

        The Government… don’t even get me started on that topic 🙂

        But yeah, the world needs more people like you, who understand that we’re slowly (Or quickly) and literally screwing ourselves into a cultural cesspool.

      • they can’t broadcast good things because tragedy gets more ratings

  4. I’ve been with my fiance for 3 years and I have never (and dont want to) seen her period blood. Guys should never see it, and girls should go to great lengths to make sure no one can ever see the end result of a tampon or pad.

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