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Lady Gaga

I remember what feels like long ago, this pop singer rose up and became very popular, in both positive and negative connotation. I am not usually the type to like any new pop artists, and I hate rap or hip hop. But this woman looked so interesting. I was at the point in my life where i wanted to be strange. i wanted to wear bright colors and obnoxious accessories… actually, I’m still kind of like that. I think the first two songs from Lady Gaga I ever heard were, of course, “Just Dance,” and “Poker Face.” It was different from what I usually listen to, but I liked it. I found her music videos interesting as well, and I found she was a very cute girl. My friends, who were also fans, told me that she looked rather… well… like a man, and apparently sounded like a man before she got really popular. Well, I didn’t think she looked like a man at all. On the contrary, I thought she was hot. As for sounding like a man… I doubt it. Also, I’ve seen older pictures of Lady Gaga when she had dark hair, and she still didn’t look like a man. But after that, I started listening to her and very much enjoyed her first album, “The Fame.” She was so cutesy with her hair-bow and her extraordinary outfits. And I doubted that she had ever in her life had a penis, like the rumors had said. Of course, I said, “even if she did, she doesn’t now, and all that matters is who she is.” Her music reflects that. Yes, her songs were usually about drinking, partying, sex, and money, but not when you listened a little deeper. She’s a lyrical genius, not some dumb blonde that can shake what God gave her and expect to get everything in life. In fact… “The Fame” may have been some sort of test.

When “Fame Monster” came out, my excited best friend showed me the music video to “Bad Romance,” and I fell in love with it. I got the album, and not soon after did I see the music video for “Telephone,” which was also good. I noticed that Lady Gaga’s sound changed a little. She no longer sounded like a young girl who wanted to have fun and sported the catch phrase “cherry cherry boom boom.” She sounder more mature, her lyrics filled with much deeper meaning, and her old catch phrase dropped off the face of the Earth. We still loved her. But what was happening to make her change her sound? I mean, everyone “grows up” and matures, but was she really so immature when she did “The Fame?” No one will know unless they ask her in person.

I haven’t listened to “Born this Way” yet, but I just got it, so I will soon. I’ve noticed recent pictures of her and her style changing, and my best friend, Lauren, who showed me “Bad Romance” has lost interest in Lady Gaga… she feels that Lady Gaga has become too strange for her. I agree in a sense. Of course everyone has different opinions about her. People love her, people hate her, and people are so shocked by her sense of style and attitude, they don’t know where to go. Lets face it. She isn’t some celebrity bitch that we’re used to, wearing designer jeans and whining about cellulite, carrying a toy poodle and making sex tapes while they appear on VH1’s dumbest celebrity quotes for saying something so stupid, a monkey would know that it’s wrong. Believe it or not, Lady Gaga was more than likely an outcast in highschool, just like I was, and just like a lot of kids were and still are. I bet the bitchy popular girls who made fun of Lady Gaga are feeling sorry for themselves because she’s making money with her talents while they’re making near to nothing by whoring themselves out. And if you’ve ever heard Lady Gaga speak, you can tell she’s intelligent. Society is afraid of intelligence and individuality. That’s why I try to play a little dumb to customers at work, to please them instead of making them angry. Last time I tried to say something intelligent, I was treated very rudely. I can think, however, that as a makeup artist, I don’t think the “no eyebrows” look goes with Lady Gaga. But this is coming from a girl who has to draw her eyebrows on because she has none. At least Lady Gaga has the choice, because she has enough hair there to call eyebrows. I think she looks great with blonde hair and darker eyebrows because it frames her face well. But hell, she’s her own person, and I shouldn’t judge her personality because of her choice, because that’s what mankind has been doing for millions of years, and look where that’s got us; afraid to be ourselves.

No matter how strange Lady Gaga is or gets, I’ll stick by her… unless her music seriously goes to shit like Katy Perry. If you want a dumb slut, that’s her.

You may be wondering why I blogged about this… my feet hurt, I’m sleepy and hungry, and I needed to stray away from stressful or depressing topics. I needed to just be my random, irrelevant self.


I’m listening to “Born This Way” right now… and it’s amazing. She has this electronic take, and it’s very upbeat. I love it.


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